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   Chapter 383 The Artists Of Voice Imitation (Part One)

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Qian Yin responded to Yun Shang and left in hurry. Staring at her figure, Yun Shang let out a soft laugh. She took a deep breath, lay down on the bed and fell asleep.

Yun Shang didn't wake up until it was in the morning. She was a bit surprised. She seldom slept so deep these days. Because of the absence of Prince Jing, she didn't get used to sleep at night, and always woke up several times at night. It was not easy to sleep well these days for her.

"Qian Yin..." Yun Shang called out, but there was no response for a long time. With a frown, Yun Shang lifted the quilt and got up. The side room was always where Qian Yin slept at night. As long as Yun Shang didn't sleep with Prince Jing in the main room, Qian Yin would sleep in the side room for fear that she might need something when she woke up. Yun Shang went to the door of the side room and found no one was there.

However, a maid standing outside the chamber saw Yun Shang and came in hastily. "Your Highness, are you looking for Qian yin?"

Yun Shang nodded. The maid hurriedly said, "Qian Yin was very busy last night. She has visited your highness several times at night. She left after seeing your highness asleep. Qian Yin has ordered me to help you get dressed if you wake up. "

This maid was asked to serve her after Yun Shang married Prince Jing. Her name seemed to be He Yun? Yun Shang nodded her head, "Then come in."

"How do you like this, your highness?" He Yun hurridly walked into the room and asked, turning to Yun Shang. She took out a white and blue dress from the drawer.

Yun Shang glanced at the dress in her hand and nodded slightly. Then He Yun took the dress from the drawer, and she carefully helped Yun Shang get dressed. She said, "Your Highness, I think your highness' ha

o ask for your Highness' permission. But when I came back, I saw that your highness was asleep, so I only sent one of my men to spy in the Qing Jiu Alley. I thought that if it was a trap, we would lose nothing but a secret guard. As expected, the artist of voice imitation was really in a small yard in the Qing Jiu alley. "

"have you sent someone to check who is the owner of the yard?" Yun Shang lowered her eyes to hide her emotion.

Qian Yin hurriedly answered, "yes. Then I asked my secret guards to investigate the owner. He seemed to be called Xiao Yan. But it was probably a fake name. They have investigated him for a long time, but still didn't find out his identity."

Yun Shang sat on the couch and squinted. "Have you hidden the master of voice imitation? Have you interrogated him? "

Qian Yin answered, "yes, we have. He was the one who was brought into a room upstairs in the Yuman tower the other day. No one saw him but he sat in a room and read the words given by others while imitating Prince Jing's voice. Later, he was imprisoned in the Qing Shui Alley. Those men didn't kill him immediately because they seemed to have something for him to do later. "

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