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   Chapter 380 The True Criminal (Part Two)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 5789

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Emperor Ning smiled again. "Well, well, shang'er, I haven't rewarded you enough. You are going to move the imperial palace to your mansion, and there is no reward for you now. I'll owe you one, and you can ask me for anything you want when you get something."

"That would be great. Thank you, father" Yun Shang squinted her eyes and smiled. When she turned around, she saw Jing Kui standing in the hall. Next to him was a young man with a good-looking face. The man was surprised to see her, but he quickly put it away.

"The grand councilor Jing must have known that you have met the assassins, so he came here specially to inquire about you." Yun Shang smiled, but didn't plan to leave.

Seeing that emperor Ning didn't blame her, the imperial commander thought for a moment and stepped forward, "Your Majesty, we found something in the grand councilor's mansion... It is Meng Jieyu's corpse. "

Emperor Ning's hand holding the chessboard paused, but he didn't say anything. He slowly separated the chess pieces from the chessboard and put it into the jars.

Yun Shang seemed to be surprised. "Meng Jieyu's body? Didn't Meng Jieyu kill herself in the palace? Why was the body in Grand councilor Jing's mansion? Where did you find it? "

The imperial commander took another careful look at emperor Ning and answered, "Your highness, we found it in the wall in Mister Jing's yard."

Emperor Ning nodded his head slightly, "did you call someone to make an autopsy of the corpse? Are you sure it's Meng Jieyu's corpse? "

The imperial commander instantly answered, "I'm in a hurry to report, so I've told the other master to keep watch on the coroner and let him examine the body. I'm sure it won't be long before we get t

is son.

But it was the emperor Ning was seated on the chair in the front. Even if Jing Kui was the grand councilor now, he don't dare to defend his son at this moment in front of the emperor.

"Mr. Jing, what else do you want to say?" Emperor Ning furrowed his brows and looked at Jing Wenlan with intense eyes. he was indeed a majestic man.

Jing Wenlan kept having cold sweat running from her face, so he went down on his knees and said, "I don't know what to say now."

Emperor Ning's face became colder and colder. He ordered the guards, "guards, take Jing Wenlan under control and punish him with a death sentence."

A trace of pain flashed on Jing Kui's face. He had just a single child, Jing Wenlan, and if he lost his son like that, he would have no grandchild at all. Thinking of this, he couldn't care about anything else but shouted loudly, "Your Majesty, it's unfair. The matter that Prince Jing killed the prince of the state of Yelang is also evidence. Why didn't you give Prince Jing any punishment at all? We still has many doubts about Meng Jieyu's matter, and his majesty seems to be too hasty on punishing my son to death. "

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