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   Chapter 379 The True Criminal (Part One)

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Jing Kui want to assume that now with his identity, even if these three people were together, they didn't dare to really search the house. They could only walk through the field. The truth was just as what he had expected, the soldiers of the house had only looked around in every yard, not even entering any house.

Jing Kui want to breathe a sigh of relief secretly. He is afraid that there won't be anything wrong with it. The beautiful concubine of the new place was still waiting for him in bed, so he told Jing Wenlan, who was a little stiff and standing beside him, "you stay here to watch. If there is nothing important, just wait for them to search..."

Hardly had his voice faded away, he heard a loud shout from the distance, "master, we found something here." The voice came from the yard where Jing Wenlan lived.

Jing Kui was stunned. He turn his head to look at his son in surprise. His face is pale and there are even beads of sweat on his son's forehead. He was shocked and frightened in his heart, and he walked quickly towards the yard of Jing Wenlan.

There was some peculiar smell in the night wind, and Jing Kui's face couldn't help but darkened. He quickened his pace and walked to the entrance of the yard, seeing a soldier knocking the back of an axe to the wall. Jing Kui could no help but frown. He remembered that wall. Jing Wenlan had said to him that the color of the wall faded a few days ago and he wanted to brush it again. He had agreed to it, but later he got no idea of what had happened then.

"What's wrong with the wall?" Jing Kui want to calm down. And he walked over and asked in a deep voice with a calm look on his face.

The govern

as the two of them entered the palace, Jing Kui and his son were invited to the qinzheng hall. Just as they entered, he saw a woman in a pale purple dress playing chess with emperor Ning. Master Zheng stood aside and made a gesture of silence to them. Jing Kui's hands quietly made a fist in his sleeves in anger, and his eyes fell lightly on the woman's body.

After a while, the woman chuckled and then threw the piece into the can. "I quit. When I entered the palace, I thought that the emperor must be distracted as he encountered an assassin. However, father, you was much calmer than me. It's late. I came to visit you in the middle of the night, but why didn't you give me any gift, father? "

Her voice was quite coquettish.

Emperor Ning laughed. "You're such a rascal! You've cheated on me just because you were about to lose. Now, you want to ask for my reward? It's just a small punishment. It's just a tribute to his Highness's favorite tea. Here you are. "

"I have accompanied father, not Prince Jing. Father favors him only, but not me." Yun Shang sighed and said softly with endless grievances.

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