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   Chapter 376 The Clue (Part Two)

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Yun Shang sneered coldly, "I heard that it was at that time when father was in good relationship with Jing Wenxi and grand councilor Jing just took office not long ago. I heard that Jing Wenxi always has a good relationship with her brother. Grand councilor Jing wants to win favor for her daughter, but her brother didn't want to do that. But he couldn't go against his father's will either, and he wanted to find a help for his sister. However, the concubines he could meet at the banquet are all above the imperial concubines. Now the imperial household has declined, and few concubines have come. He only thought that Qin Meng was the most suitable one for him. One is a gentleman, and the other is an emperor concubine that hasn't been favored by the emperor for a long time. If they have the intention of seducing each other, they will be easily ignited like fire meets wood. "

However, Qian Yin didn't expect that. She stayed silent and stunned for a while and said, "you mean there is an affair between Meng Jieyu and Mister Jing?"

Yun Shang smiled. "Isn't it obvious? What do you think of Qin Meng's personality? "

"She's an extravert, and she is grumpy and wanted much, and a fence sitter." Qian Yin pouted and judged.

Yun Shang smiled, "Qin Meng has been in the palace for a long time. You know she is a fence sitter as well, but she is just trying to measure how to make things best for herself. Such a person would always be careful with everything around her, and she would never easily believe in a maid who had been with her for less than two months. But in the past, she treated Qi'er with all her heart. There was only one possibility: it was the man who gave Qi'er to her and she trus

heavenly prison thing. But Yun Shang just didn't know where they were staying since they had to entered the imperial city. She made up her mind. Since she were sure that they did this, why not go and find them directly? Maybe when Yun Shang find them, she can find new clues, thought Yun Shang.

In the evening, Yun Shang finally got some information about the piles in the imperial city.

"The other day his highness quarreled with Cangjue Kangning at the Yuman tower. The Yuman tower is our property. But the owner was not in the shop when he went out for business. Since his highness have the compartment, and the place where he quarreled with Cangjue Kangning was at the door of the private room on the second floor, the guests downstairs could only hear the noise and didn't see the specific situation. They didn't see Cangjue Kangning until he went downstairs, but from the beginning to the end, no one had really seen Prince Jing. It's just because the voice is indeed Prince Jing's. someone claimed that he called himself Prince Jing and saw Cangjue Kangning as well. So they said that they saw the two of them had a dispute. "

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