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   Chapter 374 Exploring The Mystery Of Visiting The Patient (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-01-31 00:12

Yun Shang slightly nodded her head, and leaned against the bench, closing her eyes for rest. "If you refused him, then so be it. If he comes back again, just send him back again."

Qian Yin answered cheerfully. Then she left quietly as she saw Yun Shang closing her eyes and looking tired.

The next day, the wife of Jing Kui did come. Yun Shang, with a pale face, was lying on the bed and having a brief conversation with her. She was covered with a thin quilt. Lady Jing looked at Yun Shang, and found that she had only been seated for a short while, with beads of sweat on her forehead. She sighed, "I was impressed when I saw your highness capable of handling ten arrows at the banquet. I also heard about your poor health condition before, and I thought that you is able to pull away the bow, so you must have recovered well, but I didn't expect you to to fall ill again. "

Yun Shang smiled and said softly, "his highness forced me to learn some self-defense skills as he wished after I recovered a bit. But I'm as weak as the next person, and I've learned only the arrow from him."

Lady Jing sighed again. "My son is an idle good for nothing. He likes to hang around, find some rare things and sell them. He also collected a lot of precious herbs from other places, and I bring them here. But I don't know if you can use them or not. If you need them, just send someone to tell me."

Yun Shang thanked her in a low voice. Lady Jing saw that Yun Shang was sweating more and more heavily, so she stood up to say goodbye. Yun Shang asked Qian Yin to send the woman out.

When Qian Yin came back, she said with a smile, "Lady Jing must have been sc

rd 'Jing' on the ticket, presumably from the Jing mansion."

"That's what I think. Since that person didn't know sister Qian Shui worked for you, he wouldn't deliberately deceive you. So I was thinking whether we should start with the Jing clan or not." Qian Yin said gently.

Yun Shang nodded, "let's start with the Jing clan. There are some people in Jing mansion who hate me so much. I'm afraid they have something to do with it. I wonder where Jing Wenxi was kept by Prince Jing." She thought for a while and ordered Qian Yin, "you have some one to have Qi'er's portrait drawn. Ask a servant of the Jing's mansion to ask, after that, kill that person. Make sure no one find out about it. "

"Qi'er?" Qian Yin thought for a while, and then remembered who Qi'er was. She thought for a moment, and said, "is it the pompous maid who works for Meng Jieyu?"

Yun Shang nodded slightly. Then Qian Yin said gently, "if the people of Jing's clan did something indecent, I'm afraid they wouldn't have been so careless."

"It's just a chance of luck." Yun Shang said softly, "it's better than nothing."

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