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   Chapter 372 The Confrontation

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"Did you let his majesty see your wound on purpose, your highness?" Qian Yin asked and she looked at Yun Shang with admiration.

Yun Shang smiled and said gently, "they are here to target Prince Jing. Recently, there are too many rumors about him that are disadvantageous to us. At first, Prince Jing's identity was leaked, later, the heavenly prison was burnt, causing the death of the crown prince of the state of Xia, and now the death of Prince Cangjue Qingsu who was stabbed yesterday. One by one, and every item that was put in a wrong way that would be a disaster to Prince Jing if we don't treat them properly. The officials in the court are all capricious. Judging from Prince Jing's current situation, it's normal for them to hit us when he is down. I just want to use the imperial physicians and maids to tell them that nothing will happen in Prince Jing's mansion, even if so many things have happened to Prince Jing. Father is always on our side. "

"Then what are we going to do next? Should we investigate the burning gas in the prison again, or the murder of Cangjue Kangning? I always feel that it was strange that the prince's token is in the hand of Cangjue Kangning. It's worth a thorough investigation. Moreover, I have heard from Luo Yi that the prince would never easily get drunk and he could at least drink a thousand glasses of wine. How could he be drunk? By the way, I've heard that Prince Cangjue Kangning was assassinated by sword. I've heard that Prince Jing used his Qingning Sword. If it weren't for the sword, he would've rather not use sword at all. But Prince Jing went out in a hurry yesterday, so he didn't bring the sword with him... "

Yun Shang listened and waited until Qian Yin couldn't say anything more. She smiled. "A lot of people know what happened, but there are still many people who saw Prince Jing quarreling with Prince Cangjue Kangning. The last guard of Cangjue Kangning heard Prince Jing's name, and he was indeed holding Prince Jing's token in his hand. As the old saying goes, the enemies are hidden in darkness while we are in bright daylight. I can do nothing but stay at home to heal my wounds now. As long as Prince Jing doesn't show up, we won't accuse him. What's the rush? "

Qian Yin was rendered speechless by Yun Shang. After a while, she murmured, "I'm just afraid that your highness will be hurt. I have learnt a lesson from it. And I worry too much."

Yun Shang chuckled and whispered, "if you are really free and have nothing to do, you can ask people to tell the suspicion you just said to the public and let them trust the men in teahouses one by one. There is an old saying, which says, justice is one's conscience, isn't it?"

Qian Yin giggled, "yes, I can do that." Then she rushed out excitedly.

The smile on Yun Shang's face disappeared as soon as Qian Yin ran out. A touch of confusion appeared in her eyes. Luo Qingyan, where are you? Was he imprisoned by someone? But why didn't his secret guards tell Yun Shang if he was really imprisoned. If he has not lost his freedom, why don't he appear?

Yun Shang, lady Jin, Emperor Ning and Qian Yin always kept quiet as if they didn't worry abou

re buying, they can take the news out. "

Qian Yin nodded repeatedly. Yun Shang continued, "send the butler to get some doctors here, and then send for an imperial physician in the palace. Tell the physician that I've already been hurt and worried about Prince Jing. In the end, I cried in front of the emperor of the state of Xia and passed out."

Qian Yin didn't understand what Yun Shang meant. But she still left in a hurry as Yun Shang ordered. Yun Shang stood up and walked to the table. She picked up the writing brush and wrote the characters "Calm yourself" on it. She stared at the writing brush for a long time before she put it down. Then she walked to the bronze mirror and read it carefully. She picked up the powder on the table again and put the thick layer of powder on her face until her face turned paler.

She walked to the bed, and lay down on the bed in her clothes without looking at her hair in a bun. She took out a small bottle from the pillow, poured out a pill, and swallowed it. Then she put down the bed curtain. She breathed lightly as if she was asleep.

The pills in the bottle were given to her by her grandfather. When she first came back to the Imperial Palace, she had been pretending to be ill for a long time thanks to the pills, so that even the imperial physicians didn't notice her weakness.

After a long time, Yun Shang heard Qian Yin speak with a bit of anxiety, "I don't know what's wrong. When her highness met the emperor of the state of Xia just now, lady Jing was in a good condition. But before I entered the room, she suddenly turned pale and suddenly fell down to the ground. I was scared to death and hurried to get her up. "

Qian Yin led the physicians into the room. Qian Yin looked at the bed, which was well covered, and walked to the side of the bed. She drew a mosquito curtain, and the physicians in the room vaguely saw the white and terrifying face of Yun Shang. Just in a moment, Qian Yin lowered the curtain in a hurry, and revealed Yun Shang's hand. She said gently, "please have a look at her highness. What the hell happened to lady Jing? "

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