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   Chapter 371 The Authenticity Of The Rumor (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-01-30 00:32

"Shang'er, what's wrong with your hand?" Although Yun Shang dropped her sleeve in a hurry, lady Jin, who had been watching her, noticed that something was wrong.

Yun Shang smiled, "I'm fine."

Lady Jin frowned and looked at Qian Yin, who was standing beside but hesitated to say something. Then she said, "Qian Yin, tell me what's wrong with your master's arm."

Qian Yin replied. "When her highness went back from the Imperial Palace yesterday, her highness encountered an assassin on the road. The assassin lurked all the secret guards to leave. Only her highness and the coachman tried their best to protect her. Her highness ran in a hurry, but she was hurt by the assassin, and her wound was deep."

"Has the imperial physician checked your wound?" Lady Jin hurriedly said with tears in her eyes.

Yun Shang heard emperor Ning's voice from outside when she was about to speak. "What imperial physician? Who's sick? "

All the people in the room immediately stopped talking and stood up to salute.

Emperor Ning said 'stand up' and sat on the host seat. Then he asked, "what imperial physician are you talking about? Who's sick? "

Lady Jin didn't speak, and so did Yun Shang. Liu Qingya smiled gently, glanced at Yun Shang, and said gently, "yesterday, on the way back home, Lady Jing ran into an assassin. Her arm was injured. I heard that she was badly hurt."

Emperor Ning frowned and turned to Yun Shang, "is it true?"

Yun Shang had to nod, "yes, but his Highness has called the imperial physician."

"Which imperial physician did you call?" Emperor Ning asked again, but before Yun Shang answered, he continued, "the imperial hospital's doctor Liu is on duty today. I just called him, Lord Zheng, to call Doctor Liu here."

Yun Shang hurriedly sa

"good. I will Leave a bottle of medicine for her highness, and make the prescription according to the prescription prescribed by the imperial physician yesterday."

After the imperial physician gave a prescription, he left. Emperor Ning said, "recently, the imperial city is not very stable. You should often bring some bodyguards with you when you go out. So you must be protected by them all the time. As for several bodyguards I gave to you, they were under the watch of the Kangyang city and your people."

Yun Shang said gratefully, "thank you very much, father."

Emperor Ning continued talking with her before leaving the Jinxiu palace with the Empress without mentioning Prince Jing. Yun Shang didn't leave the palace until the lunch time. In the afternoon, a servant came to the palace that although Prince Jing had the incident, his majesty still cared about lady Jin and Lady Jing, and added fuel to the fire. It was said that Lady Jing had suffered a lot because of the accident today. Emperor Ning was worried about his daughter when she got hurt by the assassin, so he asked Lord Zheng to ask Doctor Liu to come and give and treatment for lady Jing in the palace.

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