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   Chapter 370 The Authenticity Of The Rumor (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-01-30 00:22

Yun Shang was so stunned that she didn't hear what Qian Yin said at all. She felt as if something important had happened, and got out of bed in a daze.

Qian Yin was quite familiar with Yun Shang. After Yun Shang washed her face and rinsed her mouth, she felt a little more refreshed and then Qian Yin reported the whole story to Yun Shang again.

It was said that his highness drank at the Yuman tower yesterday and then encountered the crown prince of the state of Yelang. They had a dispute for no reason and seemed to have a fight. Later, the crown prince was dragged away by his subordinates. It was said that he cursed at Prince Jing when he left, and Prince Jing also had a long face. Later, Cangjue Kangning was killed in the middle of the night. An imperial bodyguard heard the prince called out Prince Jing's name, and when he rushed in, the crown prince was already dead. Cangjue Kangning also had a jade badge in his hand, with the character "Jing" carved on it, which was exactly Prince Jing's waist badge.

But no one had ever seen Prince Jing himself stab the sword into Cangjue Kangning's body. It was well equipped in all aspects, including the motivation of murder, evidence and witnesses. But Prince Jing was not there. He seemed to escape punishment.

"Escape punishment?" Yun Shang sneered with a bit of disdain, "Prince Jing, he has killed quite a few people before. If he really want to kill someone, do he need to escape from punishment? "

Qian Yin was agitated. She regretted, "last night, I should have sent the butler to look for the prince. If I hadn't changed my mind, the accident wouldn't have happened." Then she looked at Yun Shang. "Your Highness, would you like to

hen I heard the servants talk about Prince Jing, I got to know that such a big thing happened. I thought Lady Jin must know something, so I came here to ask. I couldn't believe Prince Jing would do such a thing. But rumors spread fast. And Prince Jing hadn't appeared now. You'd better make a plan in advance in case you fall into the wrong. "

Yun Shang nodded. "Thank you for your concern, your majesty. I'll keep that in mind."

Lady Jin kept staring at Yun Shang. Seeing that the empress didn't speak again, she said gently, "shang'er, didn't you sleep well last night? You look pale and you don't look good. Did you have your breakfast? "

Qian Yin cut in, "your ladyship, she didn't have breakfast yet."

Yun Shang glared at Qian Yin. Qian Yin lowered her head in a hurry and stepped back. Then she stood aside and said nothing. Lady Jin glared at Yun Shang and ordered her servants to prepare some food.

At this moment, a servant had served Yun Shang a cup of tea. Yun Shang smiled and thanked the servant. Then she took the tea from the servant. The moment she raised her hand, her sleeve was rolled down to her wrist.

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