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   Chapter 366 The Night Attack (Part Two)

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"……" Yun Shang thought for a while and said, "I had no choice at that time. Please forgive me."

"You can call me Yinfeng." Liu Yinfeng smiled like a fox.

Yun Shang frowned, but she was eager to know what the so-called incense of Buddha was. After a moment's silence, she cursed in her heart, 'Fox Liu.' But she gave a faint smile and said, "Yinfeng."

Liu Yinfeng nodded, his smile deepened and his voice was full of tenderness, "the scent of Buddha is a common product of some famous killers in the state of Xia. It is used to mislead people's mind. The target would be drowsy. If someone is a little weak in will, he may have to answer the questions. However, this is weak in body, but it needs to be very weak in health. It is often effective for patients. If the dose were a little larger, people would directly pass out. But there is one flaw of the incense. It's a long-lasting and persistent scent. If the incense is not properly handled, it is very likely to reveal its whereabouts. "

Yun Shang kept silent on Prince Jing's words. She now know why the odour of the oil in the prison was so strong that day. She guessed that the culprit was probably trying to mask the special smell of the incense of buddha. Since it belonged to the state of Xia, how could the crown prince of the the State of Xia not know it? And the emperor of the state of Xia also knew it. In order to cover up the truth, they used a lot of oil to make the illusion that it was burning in the prison.

The door wasn't broken, but Hua Jing had been replaced. There were many traps in the prison, but the guards were not activated. All Hua Jing needed to do was to verify whether the guards in the prison were cured or not.

"Since his crown prince has been in jail for such a long time, the emperor of the state of Xia would have saved him if he wished. Why?" Yun Shang looked at Liu Yinfeng and asked the question she had been thinking about.

Liu Yinfeng grinned and said, "The crown prince... The emperor never fancies the crown prince, and... "

And he suddenly stopped, smiling and squinting. "These are some secrets of the state of Xia. It's not the right time to tell you."

Yun Shang fell silent. Since the Emperor didn't like Xia Houjing, why did he appoint Xia Houjing as the crown prince?

The doubts in Yun Shang's eyes were too obvious, so Liu Yinfeng smiled again, "why do you want Liu Qingya to be the empress, not your mother?"

Yun Shang looked at Liu Yinfeng with curiosity. She thought she had made a perfect plan. Although the man in front of her wasn't in the imperial city before, he knew the story and spoke it out in front of her. On the other hand, Yun Shang had found the answer to her former question. She supported Liu Qingya to be the empress because the empress was the most hated one. If she set another person up, she would be able to prevent her mother from revenge.

him and strode to the woman. He looked at the bandage on the woman's arm and asked with a frown, "are you hurt?"

Yun Shang nodded and raised her hand, smiling, "it doesn't matter. It's not serious."

"Not serious? Ha. I've seen the bone. Send for a doctor. Just now I was afraid that if I went out, I would be noticed by those who wanted to kill shang'er. They only applied some ordinary medicine. But the wound was so deep that I could only stop it from bleeding, but it had no better effect. If it didn't get cured, her hand would be crippled." Liu Yinfeng sneered and said ironically.

Luo Qingyan's face changed, mostly because of Yun Shang's wound and partly because of Liu Yinfeng, who called his wife Shang'er.

"It's not that serious. How's the coachman?" Yun Shang looked at Prince Jing with wide eyes. She didn't forget that the carriage driver was trying his best to protect her.

"Dead." Prince Jing bent down and carried Yun Shang in his arms.

Yun Shang exclaimed. She looked up at Prince Jing, and found his face pale. She was about to say something, but stopped on a second thought. At this time, it was better not to provoke him.

Yun Shang thought to herself.

Prince Jing walked out of the yard with Yun Shang in his arms and passed Liu Yinfeng, saying in a low voice, "thank you. I will host a banquet to express my thanks to you in a few days." Then she walked out of the yard quickly.

Liu Yinfeng looked at Prince Jing and the shadow guards who disappeared in the yard with a faint smile. After a long time, the smile on his face disappeared, and the corners of his mouth drooped. He murmured, "thank you? A married woman! Hahaha... " Then he burst into laughter. The laughter became louder and louder. At last, he couldn't stand up straight. It was a long time before he stopped laughing, and his face was pale. "My taste have always been very good. God, you are really very kind to me..."

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