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   Chapter 364 The Death Of Qin Meng

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Yun Shang nodded, "how many shadow guards do we have now?"

Qian Yin thought for a while before replying, "over one hundred and twenty people."

Yun Shang sneered, "call all of them in. I'll make a list of all the people involved in the matter. You ask them to investigate them interrogate them. They'll leave at midnight. I'd like to see how many people can follow us. "

Qian Yin hurriedly curtsied to Yun Shang, and went down to make preparations.

Knowing there were many guards outside, Yun Shang lost her interest in going out. But at dusk, someone came to the palace. According to the message, the one was sent by Lady Jin. Yun Shang asked Qian Yin to invite the person in, and he was indeed from lady Jin's palace. She had seen him several times in the palace.

"Why did mother send you here?" Yun Shang lifted her eyes to look at the disturbed eunuch.

The eunuch replied in a low voice, "Your Highness, lady Jin asked me to inform your highness that lMeng Jieyu has died."

Meng Jieyu? Qin Meng? Dead? All of a sudden, Yun Shang felt as if all the events were associated in secret. It seemed that the culprit was putting her and Prince Jing together in the net.

"How did Meng Jieyu die?" Yun Shang frowned and asked.

The eunuch quickly said, "She hang herself. Because of the incident of the fish meat, his majesty ordered to shut Meng Jieyu up and locked her in the cold palace. Two days ago, she was fine, but today, the person who went to deliver food suddenly found that Meng Jieyu had untied the silk that tied to her waist, put it on the beams and hung herself to death."

Yun Shang smiled coldly. Qin Meng? Hang herself?

Qin Meng was a fence sitter, but she cherished her life very much. And it was an official reason for her to risk her life again and again. There was no way she would kill herself.

"I'll go to the palace." After a short silence, Yun Shang turned to Prince Jing. Although there were many people guardi

just a corpse. Why is someone taking it? Although it's a remote place, it's well guarded. He can't leave with a corpse so easily. " Madam Zheng was confused.

Yun Shang also wanted to know why someone had to try his best to take the corpse away, as she was only a corpse?

"Let's go." Yun Shang said indifferently. Then she walked out of the yard and walked towards the Jinxiu palace along the way she had come.

She always thought that the night after her father's marriage, Hua Jing's words at the Jinluan hall were the best schemes. But it turned out that it was only a beginning. This trap must have been set up a long time ago. Since she came back to the palace, she found the bead on Qin Meng's head, and since she took revenge on Jing Wenxi. Then, Qin Meng's fish congee was suspicious of her identity last night, and now, the fire in the heavenly palace caused her death into ashes step by step. She now only felt that the body of Qin Meng was related to these things, but she did not know where they were relevant.

Yun Shang felt a little worried. How careless she was! As things developed, she even did not know who her opponent was. The enemies were hidden in the dark while she was exposed in the light. She had been put in a passive position. This kind of feeling was really not good.

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