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   Chapter 361 Mistery All Over The Place (Part One)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 5532

Updated: 2020-01-28 00:22

Yun Shang turned around and looked at the female corpse on the ground. After a moment of silence, she felt something was wrong. When she knew that the prison was set on fire at night, she thought that she was the target. As soon as Hua Jing was put in prison, the prison was set on fire. What a coincidence.

It was not until now that Yun Shang realized Xia Houjing also died in the prison. If the assassin only wanted to kill Hua Jing, it would cost a lot for doing this.

Yun Shang frowned and fixed her eyes on Prince Jing, who had never spoken the whole time. His identity had just been known to the public the day before yesterday. It was also the day before yesterday that Xia Huanyu and his father issue an imperial edict for alliance. Since the heavenly prison had caught a fire yesterday, and the crown prince of the state of Xia, Xia Houjing had died in it.

It was a perfect plan to kill two birds with one stone. Both she and Prince Jing were taken into the storm. If they took a wrong step, their reputation would be ruined.

Not far from the room where Hua Jing was held, it was the cell of the crown prince Xia Houjing. It took them several steps to reach the corpse. Different from the corpse of the fake Hua Jing, Xia Houjing was lying on his stomach with his face facing the ground so close to the ground that his face, which was not covered by the quilt, seemed not to be burned. Frowning, Emperor Ning ordered his servants to turn over the corpse.

Xia Houjing's face was extremely fine and not burnt at all. He closed his eyes, and his face was full of pain and anxiety. His hair was almost burned to ashes. Yun Shang looked at h

il is very heavy with a little poison, and even if he leans his face on the ground, there will still be a gap, which is impossible that he hasn't breathed in any smoke."

"So, Xia Houjing was killed in the first place and then the fire started?" Yun Shang couldn't help but frown. If that was the case, then the culprit's main target should be Xia Houjing, or rather, Luo Qingyan.

The coroner nodded and walked towards the cell of Hua Jing with emperor Ning.

In front of the female corpse, the coroner bowed his head to check the corpse for a moment and asked softly, "I've heard that Princess Hua Jing is pregnant?"

"Yes, she's about four or five months pregnant. I don't know the details." Yun Shang said gently. She had just examined the corpse, but the abdomen of it was indeed a little swollen, so she did not pay much attention to it.

"This corpse is not pregnant. If what you said is true, it shouldn't be princess Hua Jing." The coroner said in a low voice, splitting the mouth of the corpse with his hand, and checking its eyes and ears before he said, "she was burned to death."

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