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   Chapter 360 Extra Story

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As soon as Yun Shang got off the carriage, she smelled a faint odor of oil in the air. The oil spread in the air at a fast speed. About four hours had passed, but it still smelt like that. She was afraid that a lot of oil had been used.

The head of court of justice knelt down in front of the carriage to greet them. After emperor Ning called him to stand up, Yun Shang said, "the oil has not dissipated for such a long time. It must have been poured by many conniving people. The oil smell is so strong, why haven't anyone found it?"

The head of court of justice raised his eyes to look at Yun Shang. He was shocked for a moment, as if he did not expect that Yun Shang would come with emperor Ning. After a moment of silence, he hurriedly said, "the fire raiser is a kung fu master. Last night, he even drugged everyone in the prison secretly. Thus no one found him."

A kung fu master? Yun Shang frowned. The prison was built by well-known craftsmen. As all the important prisoners were imprisoned, there were many traps in it. If they were skilled, they could easily break in, but it would be useless. The secret guards sent by Qian Yin didn't find out anything today. It was obvious that even if it was burnt, this prison was not easy to enter. That "martial arts" was a bluff?

"How is Princess Hua Jing?" Yun Shang looked at the head of court of justice and asked.

The head of court of justice lowered his head so that Yun Shang couldn't see his face clearly. However, when she saw his hand before her, her fingertips trembled slightly. "Your Highness, just now when the prison guard was cleaning up, he found a burned corpse in the prison where Princess Hua Jing was imprisoned. With a totally destroyed face, I couldn't tell who the body was. I just came from the palace and haven't seen it yet. I just heard from the guards that the corpse's figure was similar to that of Princess Hua Jing, and she was holding Princess Hua Jing's jade pendant. "

Yun Shang frowned. As the fever had burnt the face of the corpse, it was hard to judge whether it was Hua Jing or not. The jade pendant was usele

ryone. They had forgotten a more important thing, that was, the crown prince of the state of Xia was imprisoned in prison for stabbing Prince Jing. The emperor of the state of Xia had never mentioned this before, and many people subconsciously forgot it. Now when they suddenly remembered it, they were shocked.

"Where is Xia Houjing?" Emperor Ning asked eagerly.

The head of the court of justice was taken aback and replied hastily, "Your Majesty, the crown prince of the state of Xia was imprisoned in a cell there, and no one in the prison survived."

Emperor Ning furrowed his brows and seemed displeased. "How dare you wait to report such an important matter to me until now? What punishment do you deserve?"

The head of the court of justice knelt down and begged for mercy. "Your Majesty, please spare me. It's my fault."

"Negligence? Your negligence can solve this problem?" Emperor Ning took a deep breath. He didn't care about Hua Jing's death, but Xia Houjing's death was tough. After all, he was the crown prince of the state of Xia. If the crown prince died in the prison of the state of Ning, it would be a big problem.

"Please bring his majesty to me." Emperor Ning suppressed his anger and said.

The eunuchs retreated at once. Then emperor Ning turned to the head of court of justice angrily, "lead the way and take us to the cell of the crown prince of the state of Xia."

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