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   Chapter 359 A Heartfelt Conversation Between The Father And The Daughter (Part Two)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 5365

Updated: 2020-01-28 00:02

Yun Shang nodded. She had known about it.

Emperor Ning thought for a while and said, "I want to go to the court of justice with you."

Yun Shang nodded, and turned to lady Jin, "rest, mother. My father and I are going to have a look. We didn't want mother to know the truth, lest she will be worried. But don't worry, mother. I will be fine. "

Lady Jin was a little worried. Hearing Yun Shang's words, she felt relieved. She nodded, "Okay, be careful."

When Yun Shang and Emperor Ning arrived at the palace gate, the carriage stopped. Yun Shang heard someone shouting outside, "good afternoon, your highness."

Yun Shang craned her head and saw Prince Jing standing at the gate of the palace. Next to him was Prince Jing's carriage. Emperor Ning also saw Prince Jing and waved at him, "are you waiting for Yun Shang, Prince Jing?"

Prince Jing nodded, stepped forward, bowed to Emperor Ning, and said, "brother, can I go with you?"

Emperor Ning smiled, "since you are here, how can I say no? Let's go in the carriage."

Prince Jing said yes, but he didn't take emperor Ning's carriage. Instead, he turned and took Prince Jing's coach. After emperor Ning, they went to the prison of court of justice.

Seeing Yun Shang put down the curtain of the carriage, Emperor Ning asked, "have you thought about the proposal I made that day?"

Yun Shang was at a loss for a moment before she realized what the emperor was talking about. She kept silent for a moment and smiled. "His highness said, if he were the emperor, I would be the empress."

"Really?" Emperor Ning glanced at Yun Shang and

him several times, but she didn't understand that he had his own way.

Emperor Ning sighed and smiled bitterly. "I know what I have to do as an emperor, so I don't really want Prince Jing to be the emperor. But for the interests of the state of Ning, I have to agree to Xia Huanyu's conditions. However, you are my only worry. You are smart but you are still a daughter. The imperial harem is the grave of the happiness of women. If you don't love him, you will suffer less. The emperor is always the most merciless person in the world. "

A trace of sadness flashed in Yun Shang's eyes. But in the end, she said with a sigh, "I understand, father." However, she had already fell in love with Prince Jing. This marriage, was only a transaction, she was forced to marry. But now it was different. The prince, though somewhat cold at ordinary times, was kind to her. There was no way for her to take her heart back now.

"Your Majesty, we have arrived at the court of justice." Prince Jing's voice came from outside. Yun Shang felt nervous. She opened the curtains.

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