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   Chapter 357 Another Trouble Had Come

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Yun Shang looked at Qian Yin in astonishment all of a sudden. "What did you say? A shadow guard of his highness? Is he also investigating lady Zhao? "

Qian Yin noticed Yun Shang's odd look. She quickly answered, "yes, he is Prince Jing's Secret guard. But don't worry, your highness. The prince's secret guards haven't found our secret guards. But, Lady Zhao is just the lady of a general. Why do you and his highness send people to investigate her? And why do you both look so mysterious? Is there anything special about her?"

Yun Shang didn't hear the questions from Qian Yin at all. She was quite shocked. She would send people to investigate lady Zhao was because she had seen the picture of Xia Huanyu. She had seen lady Zhao before, so she found that lady Zhao looked like the late empress of the state of Xia. That was why she sent people to investigate her. But why would Prince Jing do it?

By the way... Yun Shang suddenly sat up straight and frowned slightly. When she was in the camp outside the Xiyi Town, Ning Hua Jing was in the camp where Zhao Yingjie was still in danger. Lady Zhao personally came to the frontier to search for her son. And Prince Jing had seen her there once.

Did he also notice that lady Zhao looks like the late empress of the state of Xia as well?

His secret guards are as good as hers. Yun Shang felt her heart was tugged at. Prince Jing must have known what Qian Yin said to her a moment ago, right?

Even Yun Shang felt odd about it, Prince Jing of course, would also noticed the odd. If she had guessed it right, lady Zhao was very likely to be prince Jing's biological mother, the late empress of the state of Xia, Hua Ling...

The only thing she didn't know was what happened to the empress after she fell off the cliff. Why did she leave the Prince Jing after giving birth to him? And why did she lose her memory and meet general Zhao?

Now that Prince Jing had known about it, would he.... Would he recognize Lady Zhao and tell her about it? But it was obvious that lady Zhao had lost all her memories. She lost everything, and married someone else, and had a child with him...

Yun Shang suddenly thought of the Buddhist prayer room in the Princess Palace. Lady Zhao said that among all the gentlemen and ladies in the Imperial City, Prince Jing was the only one who could make her look up at. She forgot what exact words lady Zhao had said, but she supposed to mean it. Now it turned out that the mother and the son were indeed connected one way or another.

Yun Shang was disturbed by the chaos. After she washed her face and rinsed her mouth, she lay down on the bed. The figures of Prince Jing, lady Zhao and the painting haunted her mind all the time.

Then she fell asleep while thinking. When she woke up, it was already dawn. Yun Shang took a closer look, only to find that the place next to her was so cold. Her heart sank. Prince Jing didn't come back last night?

Her mind suddenly cleared up. She quickly sat up and saw a figure sitting by the table in the room. Yun Shang took a closer look. Her heart jolted. It was Prince Jing.

Yun Shang didn't know how long Prince Jing had been sitting there. She saw him motionless and cold as if he ha

eside her, "are you awake?"

Yun Shang replied, "I have had my breakfast and want to go to the palace."

Prince Jing nodded, lifted the quilt, and got up. He turned on the light, and Qian Yin's voice came from outside, "Your Highness?"

Prince Jing said, "come in and serve her highness."

Qian Yin didn't expect that. She hurried in and asked, seeing Yun Shang still in a daze, "did her highness know what happened last night?"

"What?" Yun Shang was confused and asked, "what happened last night?"

From Yun Shang's expression, Qian Yin knew that she probably had no idea, but she didn't know why she got up so early. Qian Yin guessed in her mind, and then hurriedly said, "more than two hour ago, the prison in the court of justice was on fire. I heard that the fire was fierce, but I don't know what is going on now. I've sent people to spy on it. I thought that the situation were still in the dark, so I didn't wake you up. "

"The prison of the Court of justice?" Yun Shang gradually sobered up as her eyes widened. She would never forget who was confined there.

Prince Jing, who was get dressing while Qian Yin was speaking, was also stunned. He frowned and turned to Qian Yin. "Go find Luo Yi. Send more people to find out the situation. You must found out who set the fire, and Hua Jing is dead or alive."

Qian Yin said yes and left in a hurry.

Yun Shang frowned and said softly, "as soon as Hua Jing entered the prison last night, the prison was set on fire. It is really odd. This fire must have something to do with her. There were two possibilities. One was that someone deliberately set fire to save Hua Jing in the chaos. Second, someone wants to kill Hua Jing. "

Prince Jing nodded, "I'm afraid there is no one in the imperial city who wants to save Hua Jing now. The late empress is the only one who cares about Hua Jing the most. Judging from the look of Cangjue Kangning yesterday, he showed no sympathy for Hua Jing at all. There will be more people who want to kill Hua Jing. But the most suspicious person is... "

Prince Jing paused, and chuckled, "you are the most suspicious one, your highness."

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