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   Chapter 355 A Very Capable Woman (Part One)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 5621

Updated: 2020-01-27 00:12

Cangjue Kangning's eyes fell at the abdomen of Hua Jing and he thought for a while. Then he thought of Prince Jing's words earlier all of a sudden and became angry at her immediately. In the past, he was mesmerized by Hua Jing's beauty and ignored that she wasn't a virgin anymore. He still kept her by his side, thinking that she was just a plaything for him. Why did he care so much about if she was a virgin or not?

But later he was attracted by her enchanting face and sexy body. She was good at sex too. And soon she got pregnant with his baby. He didn't have a descendant before. As the crown prince and he was not young, he desired to have a descendant very much. Because of the child in her belly, he spoiled Hua Jing even more.

He had never expected that the truth would be like this at all.

Since Prince Jing and his wife dared to say this in the Jinluan hall in front of everyone, and the people in the hall didn't even seem surprised at all, he knew that it was probably true. He was afraid that what they said was true.

This woman was very dissolute. She had made love with his biggest enemy, Cangjue Qingsu, many times and even had a baby with him.

Thinking more about his first meeting with Hua Jing, he now found it was like a carefully designed trap.

No wonder when he first met Hua Jing, he thought she was a woman made for him, and she met all his fantasies about a woman. It was Prince Cangjue Qingsu who had fought with him for years that knew him best. He knew both himself and his enemy well. Cangjue Qingsu was the only person who knew him the most in the world. Now he was almost sure that the woman must be sent by Prince Cangjue Qingsu to sp

t didn't end until midnight. Prince Jing also drank a lot and looked slightly drunk. Yun Shang helped Prince Jing into the carriage and they walked towards the Prince Jing's mansion. No one said anything in the carriage. On the way, Prince Jing raised his hand to touch Yun Shang's hair and smiled, "look at you. You were so calm just now. How could you be unhappy to defeat the person you hated so much? It's hard for Ning Hua Jing to survive anymore now. "

Still in silence, Yun Shang kept her head low while thinking about something irrelevant. For example, there would be a bloody storm in the palace after this night. His Majesty was suspicious as always. Hua Jing easily bribed the servants around him. He was still worried, although what happened today was not against him. Perhaps she could see some new faces in the qinzheng Hall tomorrow.

After a while, she realized what Prince Jing was asking her about. But she was also confused. Yes, she hated Hua Jing for such a long time. From her previous life to this life, and now Hua Jing had no chance to rise again. Why was there no hint of joy in her heart?

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