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   Chapter 354 She Is Exposed (Part Two)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 5588

Updated: 2020-01-27 00:02

But unfortunately, her history was known to all in the state of Ning. If she didn't want Cangjue Kangning to know about her past, the best way for her would be to keep herself away from the royal palace. But if she didn't show up, how could she plot against Yun Shang? That was why she came up with the idea of pretending to be Jing Wenxi. As long as she successfully trapped Jing Wenxi so Jing Wenxi couldn't come, she could appear with Jing Wenxi's identity. Yun Shang was afraid that the only thing that Hua Jing missed was that the real Jing Wenxi was taken away by Prince Jing and disappeared.

What Hua Jing didn't expect, of course, was that at a glance, Yun Shang noticed that it was not clear water but clear oil that she had summoned maids to serve in the bowl.

Yun Shang appreciated the sudden panic in Hua Jing's eyes for a short moment. She smiled and turned to look at prince Cangjue Kangning.

However, Prince Jing smiled and said to Prince Cangjue Kangning with a smile, "your crown prince, haven't Princess Hua Jing told you that she has a lot of lovers in her mansion when she was still in the palace? And she was pregnant once but unfortunately had a miscarriage in the end? Oh, by the way, the child she had lost is your brother, Prince Cangjue Qingsu's. don't you know about it, judging from the expression on your face? "

Prince Jing seemed to be suddenly enlightened. He glanced at Cangjue Kangning and then looked at Hua Jing's belly, as if he was thinking about something.

Prince Cangjue Kangning's face suddenly turned pale. He gritted his teeth and looked at Hua Jing. In less than a quarter of an hour, his eyes were filled with disgus

ry month. It was me who asked my father to teach my daughter good martial arts, such as lyre playing, chess, calligraphy and martial arts. Father taught my daughter everything. Anyone who know my father well can tell that Yun Shang's handwriting and calligraphy are very similar to my father's. "

It was lady Jin who interrupted them.

It was not until then that all the people noticed the elegant woman sitting in the palace. She looked like a painting of her last generation. When the words were spoken, some people remembered, "Lady Jin's father is the ex grand tutor, Xiao Yuanshan."

"Oh...No wonder. Few people can compare with Mr. Xiao in talent. No wonder Princess Yun Shang is so talented. She was taught by him."

Emperor Ning's face changed. He looked up at Lady Jin for a long time before he turned to look at Hua Jing. "Ning Hua Jing slandered the emperor's daughter without scruple, and also committed the crime of deceiving the emperor. However, she is now Prince Cangjue Kangning's favorite concubine. Would you mind giving her to me and letting me deal with her, Prince Cangjue Kangning?"

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