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   Chapter 351 Doubt Of Her Identity (Part Two)

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When they arrived at the Jinluan hall, the ministers stood in two lines and the seats were already taken. Lady Jin, followed by the concubines, followed by the lady with an honorary title, walked into the hall slowly, followed by three Bowes. "Your Majesty, may you live long and long. Pay respects to the empress."

"Arise." Emperor Ning's emotionless voice resounded in the Jinluan hall and finally stopped.

Everyone stood up. Yun Shang lifted her eyes and saw emperor Ning sitting on his chair. He was dressed in red clothes with a gold dragon embroidered on it. Liu Qingya was sitting beside him. She wore a red dress with a phoenix embroidered with wings, and her makeup was dignified and graceful.

Yun Shang couldn't help exclaiming. She had been worried about Liu Qingya whether she could keep the show. But she didn't expect that the Phoenix costume with a phoenix crown made her dignified.

"Please take your seat," Emperor Ning's eyes rested on Lady Jin for a while, and then he said softly.

All people walked to the seats in the back and sat down. Yun Shang also walked to the seats behind Prince Jing and sat down. There was a sound of music, and it was a good fortune. Yun Shang listened to the music, bowed her head and said, "Jing Wenxi has come."

Prince Jing was surprised. He looked around and saw the woman in red. "It shouldn't happen, I have locked her in a very solid place. It's impossible for her to escape. Besides, I never heard from our secret guards that she escaped..." said Prince Jing, frowning.

Hearing the prince's words, Yun Shang flashed a smile. She turned to look at Jing Kui, but she saw that it seemed that he had not expected that Jing Wenxi would be here. His eyes were full of disbelief and his face suddenly turned pale.

The gaze of Jing Kui and Prince Jing was so eye-catching that emperor Ning also looked over. As soon as he saw that, he furrowed his brows and said with a bit of displeasure in his voice, "today is the day of my bestowed title, but someone appeared in a red dress on the occasion. What crime should she take?"

People saw the red robe but didn't get dressed due to the time and place. When they heard the emperor lose his temper, they looked at Jing Wenxi.

Jing Wenxi walked to the palace unhurriedly and made a bow to Emperor Ning. "Your Majesty didn't order me not to enter the palace in red today. But since your majesty gets angry because of this, it's my fault. I'm sorry. But his Majesty was convicted only because he wore a inappropriate dress. So what if th

ess without a veil. At that time, lady Jing, who lived in the temple for a few days every month, was master Wu Na's friend. Last year, Princess Hui Guo received the emperor's decree, and after she was summoned back to the palace, lady Jing has arrived at the temple. "

"We thought you would come and live there as before. However, I got up early that morning and saw a maid walking out of the room with a sack. As something was moving inside the sack, I followed them. The maid threw the sack into the valley behind the temple and even buried it with a hole, "

Yun Shang looked up at Wenxi, and found that she had been looking at her, with joy in her eyes. Yun Shang smiled and continued listening to the monk's shout.

"After the maid left, I went to remove the soil from the ruins. As soon as I opened the sack, I saw the princess curling up in the bag, and she has no breath."

The people in the hall looked at Yun Shang with curiosity. Although they didn't believe what Jing Wenxi said, Yun Shang confirmed the monk's identity in person. Hearing his explanation, they all felt doubtful.

"Really?" Yun Shang said indifferently, "well, I believe you, master. But I don't know, since I am a fake princess, and my appearance is different from that of the princess in the temple, why Master Wu Na in your temple has seen me again countless times, but has never said that I am a fake?"

Everyone nodded. Master Wu Na came to the imperial city a few days ago and revealed Jing Wenxi's identity as an enchanting beauty. Why didn't he mention that Lady Jing was the fake princess? However, Jing Wenxi's so-called witnesses, who were not big masters, must have been bribed off by Jing Wenxi.

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