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   Chapter 350 Doubt Of Her Identity (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-01-26 00:12

Yun Shang turned around and saw Jing Wenxi standing at the gate of the imperial garden, dressed in red, with a cloak on her. She glanced at everyone, raised her foot and walked in.

Didn't his highness catch her? Why was she here? Yun Shang was confused, but since Prince Jing was not here, the prince's guard must be with him. Yun Shang turned around to ask Qian Yin about the situation. Suddenly, she noticed a glance from behind. When she turned back, she saw Jing Wenxi smiling at her and walking towards her.

Yun Shang knew that if she sent Qian Yin to ask, she would definitely attract Jing Wenxi's attention. Yun Shang thought for a while and gave up on the plan. She smiled at Jing Wenxi who was walking towards her, "master Jing told me that Miss Jing is resting at home. I thought I wouldn't see you today. But miss Jing still came to the palace."

Jing Wenxi didn't seem to understand Yun Shang's irony. She calmly walked to Yun Shang, bowed to her and said, "Your Highness."

Yun Shang hurried to lift her up, "Miss Jing, please don't stand on ceremony."

Jing Wenxi turned to Madam Zheng, who was holding a swaddle in her arms. "Is this the little prince? he's so adorable. " Jing Wenxi walked to Madam Zheng as she spoke. She reached out her hand to fondle Chenxi's face, but the latter stepped back, wrapping her arms around Chenxi's waist. "His Highness is afraid of strangers. I'm afraid that Miss Jing will cry make him again if he was touched by Miss Jing. I'm afraid I can't stop him then."

Jing Wenxi smiled and withdrew her hand carelessly.

Yun Shang felt there was something wrong. Jing Wenxi's eyes were full of hatred when she saw Chenxi just now. But as a matter of fact, Chenxi was just a kid. When they were at the temporary imperial palace of the Laifeng City, Jing Wenxi had attempted to hurt Chenxi because she wanted to use him as a bargaining chip. However, when she met Yun Shang today, Jing Wenxi didn't seem to be hostile and jealous as she used to be. On the contrary, she hated Chenxi more.

Yun Shang thought for a while, and giggled as she held Jing Wenxi's hand. "Portia is bad temp

p, "I'm busy today. Miss Jing, you can sit here and have a cup of tea. The desserts are all prepared. If you want to eat anything, just tell the servants."

Jing Wenxi nodded and waved her hand indifferently. Then she turned back to the lake.

As Yun Shang walked out of the pavilion, she was pulled by Wang Jinyan. "What can you two talk about? brother had told me that the grand councilor would abandon her as an abandoned child? How dare the grand councilor allow her to come into the Imperial Palace on such a big day... "

Yun Shang chuckled and took her hand. "Eyes are everywhere in this imperial household. Do you think that she is so bold to do anything in front of everyone?"

After that, Yun Shang left Jing Wenxi behind, but Wang Jinyan kept an eye on her in secret and talked with her from time to time.

"Look at her. She is so arrogant that people who don't know her would think she is the empress." Wang Jinyan snorted, with obvious dissatisfaction in her eyes.

Jing Wenxi didn't do anything until the banquet on Penglai Island was over.

Then the ladies rested in the imperial garden for a while, and Lady Jin took them to the Jinluan hall to meet the new empress.

"Your Highness, isn't Princess Hua Jing in the imperial city now? Isn't she supposed to come? Why didn't she show up? " Qian Yin murmured. Yun Shang smiled. "It doesn't matter if she didn't come. The less trouble the better."

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