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   Chapter 348 The Royal Banquet (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-01-25 00:32

The whole imperial palace was overwhelmed with joy. Red lanterns were hung along the path, and words of "wedding" were written everywhere in the palace. Lady Jin got up early in the morning and got inside the palace early, and she watched the babysitter feeding Chenxi milk. Lady Jin smiled at Yun Shang when she saw her, and stood up. "Let's go. The Qiwu palace has been decorated. Let's go and Have a look?"

Yun Shang nodded and asked, "where is lady ya?"

Lady Jin poked Yun Shang's forehead, and said, "Lady ya? Now it's time for you to call her the empress."

The empress? Yun Shang lowered her head and said nothing. Lady Jin sighed a little and said, "Well, it's all my fault. Are you blaming me for not wanting to be the empress?"

Yun Shang shook her head, "I know what you are thinking about, mother. I understand that being the empress or not makes no difference for you." There was indeed no difference, and it was best if lady Jin was willing to be the empress. If she was not willing to do so, Yun Shang would also choose a person who she had in control to block those arrows for her mother.

"Lady Ya is still in her palace, and she is being decorated right now. There are many people around her, and the emperor has also sent someone to guard there. Nothing will happen. After she is dressed up, she will go directly with his majesty to the city tower and accept the kneeling of the people. Then she will go to the Jinluan hall to take the Empress' token and seal." Lady Jin chuckled, "but none of these warm-hearted activities can be seen by you and me. Today you have to be with me to entertain the families of the ministers in the palace."

Yun Shang agreed with a chuckle. Her eyes sparkled. The

t Chenxi. Seeing this, Chenxi danced and laughed in a happy way.

"Father." Yun Shang took a step forward and walked to Emperor Ning. She reached out her hand to hold the Chenxi's little hand. "Have you had breakfast, father?"

Just now a servant told emperor Ning that Yun Shang and Lady Jin went out together. Hearing Yun Shang's question, Emperor Ning didn't answer immediately but turned to lady Jin. Seeing that lady Jin didn't look unhappy, he smiled and said, "OK, let's have some food."

Lady Jin then turned around and told the servants to prepare the breakfast. Yun Shang giggled as she pinched Chenxi's little face. "You're a fast growing child. I think Chenxi seems to have grown a lot every day."

Lady Jin turned to look at Chenxi and frowned. "Really? I don't think so. "

"Maybe it's because mother you see Chenxi everyday so you don't notice it. Chenxi has grown up a lot!" Yun Shang said with a smile.

After a short while, Chenxi shrieked and cried. Lady Jin hurriedly said, "I think he has peed his pants. Let the nurse have a look at him." The housemaid had prepared the breakfast and Lady jin handed Chenxi to her.

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