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   Chapter 344 Things Were About To Start (Part One)

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Inside the sachet was the fish meat with dried smell.

Qi'er followed them out. Her steps were unsteady. Yun Shang smiled. As a man, even a dog could not change its spots. She must have been taken a lot advantage in the search.

"Guards, lock Meng Jieyu and this maid up, and execute them according to the grand preceptor." Emperor Ning's emotionless voice made Qin Meng fall to the ground all of a sudden as if she had fainted. but The maid raised her head and said with determination, "I'm not convinced, your majesty. There is perch fish meat in the Jinxiu palace as well. Why does his majesty believe that it was us who tried to harm Lady Ya?"

Yun Shang smiled, "who told you there's fish meat in the Jinxiu Palace?" She continued after a pause, "Qi'er, you must know nothing about medicine, don't you? I believe so. You know the importance of perch fish meat, too. Perch meat is taken here by the Jinxiu palace from the Imperial Hospital, but you don't know it will change color when it was served too long. Do you think lady Ya won't see it if it changed color? "

"The youngest Prince is already four months old. Lady Jin has been staying in the Laifeng palace for the sake of miscarriage prevention. It was more than half a year before I got married and Lady Jin stayed here..." Yun Shang was amused to see Qi'er's face darken little by little. How dared the cuprit want to harm a person in this way? But She didn't even know the weapon the murderer had used. How ridiculous it is!

Qi'er was also quickly taken out by the guards, and Yun Shang went back to the Jinxiu palace with Lady Jin before leaving the palace.

Yun Shang knew clearly that Qin Meng wouldn't survive this time. Qin Meng was just a step to

ength to the full, and Xia Huanyu walked with caution. The game was not set yet, as the two factions were stuck together.

Xia Huanyu put the piece in his hand into the chess can and said with a smile, "since your highness is back, I'll leave now."

Prince Jing waved his hand. It seemed that he didn't hear what Xia Huanyu was talking about and he didn't care as well, but Yun Shang saw a flash of emotion in his eyes. Yun Shang smiled as if she had seen a kid who had a fight with his elder.

As she saw Xia Huanyu was about to leave, she intended to see him off, but Prince Jing held her hand all the time. Yun Shang had no choice but to tell the Chamberlain to send Xia Huanyu off.

After Xia Huanyu left, Yun Shang turned to Prince Jing and looked at him helplessly. "If you don't like him, then just don't see him. If you meet him, don't be so impatient. Why do you torture him and yourself too?"

A touch of embarrassment flashed across Prince Jing's face. He answered after a while, "nonsense. I was bored because you were in the imperial palace. When he came to play chess with me, I was so boring that I killed some time with him."

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