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   Chapter 343 Exposure Of The Evil Plan (Part Two)

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She had felt nervous for the first two times. Then she found that nobody noticed her outfit, so she became much bolder. Besides, she didn't expect that Qi'er would be taken here by the guards today. She was so anxious that she forgot to take off the ear lobe. She didn't expect that Yun Shang was here and the first thing Yun Shang said to her was this.

Others didn't think of that too.

Lady Ya looked at Qin Meng's eardrop, and remained silent for a moment. Then she said, "I've heard that there's no family around Meng Jieyu outside the palace, and no one has ever visited her..."

The underlying meaning of this sentence was that the origin of her ear ring was very strange.

Emperor Ning kept silent for a while. He knew that Yun Shang wouldn't mention something about the ear drop without any reason. He looked up and asked, "who gave you the ear ring?"

Qin Meng bit her lip and did not answer.

Yun Shang smiled. "On behalf of Meng Jieyu, I'll answer your question, father. The ear studs are brought in by Qi'er's relatives every month when they visited her in the imperial palace. It's pretty normal that the servant sends gifts to the master, but I asked the price of the ear ring the other day. It seems to be three or two bucks of gold? I have no idea that your maid is also so rich, Meng Jieyu. Besides, it seems that it's not the first time I have seen you wearing such valuable things, Meng Jieyu. "

She paused before looking at Qin Meng with con

to look at Yun Shang. After a moment of silence, he nodded his head slightly and said, "Lord Zheng, find two attendants to search the maid."

Yun Shang was delighted to see the servant girl called Qi'er get a little flustered. Although the eunuch was a eunuch, he was a man anyway. It must be unforgettable to be searched by two men for her.

The moment Qi'er was pulled away, Qin Meng knelt on the ground as if she had been drained of all her strength. After a long time, she suddenly looked up at Yun Shang, with complex emotions in her eyes.

Yun Shang saw it but didn't take it seriously. She just smiled at Qin Meng. She had given Qin Meng chances for several times, but Qin Meng didn't cherish them and always went against her will. No wonder Qin Meng could not change her mind at all.

After a while, master Zheng came out with an eunuch, with a sachet in his hand. He raised the head and said to Emperor Ning, "Your Majesty, I found this on Qi'er's body just now."

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