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   Chapter 342 Exposure Of The Evil Plan (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-01-24 00:22

"Really? So lady Jin is the one who wants to trick me? " Lady Ya asked indifferently, her voice sounding funny though she was asking the imperial physician.

However, the trembling old woman seemed not to realize the underlying meaning of Lady Ya's words. She hurriedly interrupted, "how could it be? Lady ya, you're overthinking things. Lady Jin won't harm you, lady ya. She has everything except the title of the empress. So how could she be the one to harm you? "

Perhaps it was because the old maid was too anxious to attribute the accusation to lady Jin, the madam did not find that her words were excessive. If lady Ya were the only one in the room, it was not a big deal at all when she would have said that. However, there were so many people in the room, and Lady Jin, who she had mentioned, was also in the conversation, and she was also taking responsibilities on emperor Ning as well.

Yun Shang couldn't help but burst into laughter. It must be Qin Meng who planned the whole plot. Although the plot at the beginning looked good, the person who was picked to frame Yun Shang was really too unbearable. The old maid was just too stupid. Perhaps she had been staying in the imperial cook room and had been burning the fire for too long, so she didn't know to make an observation and make a conversation. Besides, she was too impatient as well. Judging from Qin Meng's identity and experience, it could be very difficult for her to plan the fish plan. She was afraid that she must have been taught by someone with high knowledge. However, the only flaw was that this old maid was chosen. Given Qin Meng's identity and favor, it was already very difficult for her to buy off this old maid.

The former maid must have received the same reward as the old maid by Qin Meng, for when Lady Jin asked her about the presence of a person other than lady Jin, she raised he

that Qi'er was taken away by a guard. I'm so worried so I asked. Please pardon me, your majesty."

Emperor Ning didn't respond, but Yun Shang spoke unhurriedly, making a comment that had nothing to do with the matter, "Meng Jieyu's earrings are a little unique. I seemed to see them in the Ya decoration house that made jewelry the other day outside the palace. I've heard that they are new, and have only one set in the whole imperial city. I didn't expect to see it on you at all, Meng Jieyu."

Qin Meng stiffened and her lips turned pale all of a sudden. In the imperial household, no outsider often came in. The clothes of concubines were usually made in the palace, and no one paid attention to the jewelry outside the palace. Qin Meng was not favored in the palace, and she seldom went out of her palace as well. She was not afraid of being asked about it. Although the stuff sent from outside the palace was not as precious as the things in the palace, and the style was very novel, and she was just a junior concubine. Good things in the palace wouldn't flow to her. What she could wear were usually left after being chosen by others. Therefore, every time the gifts were sent to the palace from outside, she would put them on in a hurry.

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