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   Chapter 338 The Plot In Secret (Part Two)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 5626

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"Keep it in mind for me. Is this the second time? It seems this is the second time I have heard such a thing with you. " Prince Jing put his arms around Yun Shang's waist and whispered in her ear.

Yun Shang glared at him and thought to herself, "why did you bring Prince Jing here? You can know what he is thinking from his eyes.".

For the second time, Yun Shang was silent. Last time, they had listened to Hua Jing and Qingsu having sex in secret. At that time, they were not married yet.

"There's nothing to hear. Let's go now." Yun Shang said in a low voice to him.

Prince Jing shook his head and said, "Jing Wenxi must have her own purpose. After she finishes her work with him, she can make her purpose clear. That's why we came here, right? We'd better wait for them to finish. Don't miss it. "

Yun Shang felt resentful when she saw Prince Jing's serious face. Prince Jing had always been cold and indifferent to others, but now he acted like a scoundrel in front of her.

But Prince Jing was also right. Yun Shang and Prince Jing waited patiently for the end of the farce and she ignored the prince's harassment to come. Then they heard Jing Wenxi gasped and said, "Your Highness is so awesome."

Cangjue Kangning was elated at the beauty's compliment. He laughed, "Xi'er, you are so beautiful that I am fascinated by you. And die'er's voice is so pleasant to hear. I haven't been so happy like this for a long time."

Then they calmed themselves down and they heard Jing Wenxi laugh. She asked in a seductive voice, "Then can you reward me for my good job, Crown Prince?"

"Okay, whatever you say." Prince Cangjue Kangning laughed happily and promised.


r everyday. I'm afraid your appearance won't affect him much." Maybe it was because he lost an arrow the other day to Yun Shang, he still gnashed his teeth when he talked about Yun Shang angrily.

Yun Shang raised her eyebrows, having a feeling that Jing Wenxi would be pissed off and spit out blood. However, Jing Wenxi gritted her teeth and said, "Of course, your highness. Please have mercy, your crown prince. I have no other wishes but to go to the palace. I promise I won't make any trouble for you. I'll stay by your side and never leave you. "

After a pause, Jing Wenxi said, "Princess Hua Jing is not in the imperial city now. If she return to the imperial city and knows that I have a relationship with the crown prince... I'm afraid she will be angry. Princess Hua Jing has a quick temper, and she is pregnant with the child of the crown prince. Xi'er heard that the crown prince hasn't had a child yet, and the emperor of the state of Yelang must pay great attention to it. If Princess Hua Jing lose her unborn baby because the relationship between us, the loss will not be worth it. What do you think?"

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