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   Chapter 337 The Plot In Secret (Part One)

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The young monk led Yun Shang and Prince Jing to the backyard, opened the door to a wing room and said to them, "Amitabha, please take care of yourself here."

Yun Shang raised her head and looked around the room. It was just a simple and clean room, with a bed for the pilgrims to have a rest, and a table and two chairs, a pot of tea, two teacups of tea, a chessboard and the chess pieces on it.

"Where are the two?" Yun Shang asked softly to Prince Jing.

After a short silence, Prince Jing took Yun Shang to the door and pointed at the opposite room. "They are over there."

Yun Shang returned to the room and didn't close the door. She looked at the opposite wing room and frowned. Behind the wing room was a bamboo forest. It might be possible if the bamboo forest was used as a cover for them.

Prince Jing shook his head and said, "I don't know why. But Cangjue Kangning sent all his guards to guard far away. I've asked the hidden guards to figure out the distribution of the prince's guards..." Prince Jing looked around the room before he finished his words. He frowned and said, "there's no ink and paper in the room, how strange."

Prince Jing complained in a low voice. Then he took Yun Shang to the table, poured a cup of tea for her, and poured some water from the cup to draw the map on the table. "There are twelve guards near the wing room, but they are far away from the wing room. They are in these places." Prince Jing drew a painting to let Yun Shang see it clearly. Then he added, "there is no one next to their wing room, so we can leave two people in this room. Let the two secret guards distract the two guards who can see what happened in that room. I will follow you to the wing ro

room after them, she gave up the idea of Jing Wenxi and Cangjue Kangning's relationship. She didn't expect such a thing to happen in the next door.

But why did Jing Wenxi schemed to seduce Prince Cangjue Kangning? What was the good?

Hua Jing was Prince Jing's favorite concubine. And Jing Wenxi was on good terms with Ning Hua Jing. If Ning Hua Jing made up her mind to help Jing Wenxi, Prince Cangjue Kangning would definitely agree to help Jing Wenxi for her. But if Hua Jing knew Jing Wenxi did this, she might turn against her according to Hua Jing's bad temper.

Sounds of erotic sounds came from the next door continuously. Jing Wenxi and Cangjue Kangning kept having fun, and then die'er, who also wanted it, joined them. They three had sex with each other heartily and kept shouting and moaning.

Yun Shang flushed when she heard their sound. She stepped back a few steps, but the moan was so loud that she could still hear it.

Yun Shang turned around and saw Prince Jing smiling at her. She was startled and nearly knocked down the chair beside her. It was lucky that Prince Jing reacted quickly and pulled up the chair.

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