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   Chapter 335 An Unavoidable Encounter (Part One)

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"is it Cangjue Kangning?" Yun Shang was astonished. "How do you know that? Jing Wenxi should have a good relationship with Hua Jing. Why did she leave with Cangjue Kangning? "

Prince Jing smiled and pointed to the traces of carriage passing by on the ground, "look at the traces left pf this carriage, and I can roughly figure out how heavy the people in the carriage are. It should not be Hua Jing, and even if she is pregnant, it can't be her."

Yun Shang knew that Prince Jing must be very sure of his guess if he said it to her. She looked up at the door of Qianshui tower and said hesitantly, "since Prince Cangjue Kangning has left, most of the guards of Qianshui tower must have been taken away by him. It's not impossible to break in now. However, I have nothing to talk with Hua Jing even if I get in. I really want to see what Jing Wenxi and Cangjue Kangning are doing. "

Prince Jing heard Yun Shang's murmurs. He raised his hand to touch Yun Shang's hair and said gently, "in that case, go and have a look at them. I have ordered the best secret guards to follow them secretly. It's not too late for us to follow them now."

Yun Shang blinked, looked at the Qianshui Tower, and clapped her hands. "Let's go. As for Hua Jing, let her go for now."

Prince Jing smiled and took Yun Shang's hand. When they arrived at the entrance of the alley, he asked his servant to take Yun Shang into the carriage.

But the carriage stopped halfway. Yun Shang heard the noise coming from outside. Then she heard the driver knocking on the door and said, "Your highnesses, someone is making trouble in front of us. The onlookers blocked the way. The road here is narrow. It's not easy for us to turn around. "

Yun Shang and Prince Jing looked at each other and thou

g. If she tries her best to give it to me, I will certainly not accept it. Fortunately, I didn't fall into the trap. If I was a little stupid, things would be so different... "

Yun Shang looked despondent, with a sneer on her lips. She would never forget that in her previous life, it was he who threw her son, huan'er, from the window, into the hell. And her son died from that.

Blood for blood. Hua Jing and Li Yiran had already paid for what they had done. Now it's Mo Jingran's turn.

Yun Shang smiled coldly and got off the carriage. She came close to a middle-aged woman and asked, "what's going on?"

Hearing Yun Shang's question, the middle-aged woman's eyes brightened. She took Yun Shang's hand and said, "young man, you don't even know this. This man is the only son of the Mo family, and also famous in the imperial city. However, this young man is a jerk, who is a regular customer of the brothel in his teens. He often goes too far in stirring up trouble due to the scramble for the women of the brothel, and his reputation is not very good. Last year, he was said to have an affair with Princess Hua Jing, so no one dared to marry their daughter to him. "

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