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   Chapter 329 Liu Yinfeng Came For A Visit (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-01-21 00:32

She looked like Lady Zhao, who was the mother of Zhao Zhongyi, Hua Jing's supposed husband, the Emperor's Son-in-law.

Yun Shang stopped suddenly. She had mixed feelings about this. Lady Zhao was indeed not old at all. Zhao Zhongyi was about twenty four or five years old, and Lady Zhao was only about forty-five years old. They called her "Lady Zhao" out of respect as she was the mother of the emperor's son in law and the wife of the deceased General Zhao.

Yun Shang still remembered the scene when she saw lady Zhao in Hua Jing's Princess Palace. Lady Zhao was wearing a dark red dress, frowning and having sharp eyes. She didn't look like an ordinary woman in the imperial city. But Yun Shang thought her husband and she had fought against many wars in the battlefield.

Lady Zhao's appearance was not very outstanding, and she looked much older than her actual age due to the lack of skin care. However, her features resembled the girls in the painting quite much. Yun Shang had no idea whether she was the girl in the painting, and she couldn't help but felt a little flustered when thinking of this.

According to Xia Huanyu, the woman in the painting was the late empress, Hua Ling. But if she was Hua Ling, how did she give birth to Prince Jing after falling into the cliff? If she really gave birth to prince Jing, then why did she leave Prince Jing and why did she marry General Zhao instead of going back to the state of Xia to look for Xia Huanyu?

Yun Shang's mind was in a total mess, and all sorts of guesses came to her mind. Yun Shang's face changed, and she didn't raise her feet to walk for a long time.

"Your Highness..." Seeing Yun Shang stop, Qian Yin thought there was something wrong. She looked aroun

et up and eat some with me. "

"I'm not hungry. You should eat something. You didn't eat well at the banquet at all." Prince Jing said softly without any emotion.

Yun Shang sighed again. Didn't prince jing pretend to be indifferent and careless at the banquet? Why did he look so depressed after he came back? Why didn't he come to see Xia Huanyu in person when he came to visit him? Is it funny for him to make things difficult for himself?

Yun Shang was indeed a little hungry while thinking, so she asked Qian Yin to bring her a bowl of porridge.

After eating the porridge, she washed her face and rinsed her mouth before lying down on the bed.

Early the next morning, another man came to visit their highnesses. "Your Highness, Liu Yinfeng of the state of Xia came for a visit."

Yun Shang frowned and took a look at the dawn outside. Then she lied down again. After coming back from the Jingyang city, Emperor Ning, for the sake of Prince Jing's injury, prevented him from going to court so early. Moreover, since Prince Jing was injured, it was not proper for him to go to the training ground. So they were used to sleeping until dawn.

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