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   Chapter 328 What A Capable Woman (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-01-21 00:22

Yun Shang smiled and nodded. She called Qian Yin and said, "come make me a simple bun. I don't need those hair accessories."

Qian Yin responded and came over with a comb.

Prince Jing frowned. "What are you doing? Just let him wait if he wants to wait. You have freshened up, what else do you want to do? "

"The guest is a guest. I'll go to have a look and come back soon. I see that you are tired, so I think you should take a rest first. You have already told father that you were stabbed and injured. Since you are injured, you should rest in bed." Yun Shang looked up at Prince Jing and smiled. Then she asked the maid beside her to fetch the clothes.

She was in a plain dress and covered with a pink cloak. While walking, she told the Butler, "his highness hasn't eaten much at the banquet. Go to prepare some porridge and pickles. I'll have some with him when I come back."

Yun Shang didn't want to eat too much at night, and planned to go to bed after coming back. But if she had to meet the guests back, she would be a little hungry. She knew that the man was waiting in the front hall. Prince Jing couldn't sleep well anyway, so she ordered the butler to prepare something to eat.

The man in a purple robe was standing in the front hall, with his back to Yun Shang. When Yun Shang came to the mansion and had the housekeeper help her decorate the mansion again, he picked out this painting from the calligraphy of Prince Jing. The brushwork was sharp, and it had four words, namely "carnation". When she chose this one, she felt that the brush strokes and the characters contained two extremes. It was an interesting cho

ile, she heard him say, "since he wants to see you, you can leave now. It's time for me to go now." Before Yun Shang could respond, Xia Huanyu stood and walked away.

Yun Shang was surprised again. What did Xia Huanyu come here for? If it was to visit Prince Jing, he had never asked about his wound. If it was to ask for forgiveness on Xia Houyan's behalf, but he had never mentioned Xia Houyan from the beginning to the end.

Then she stood up and went to her bedroom while thinking.

Qian Yin shouted in surprise along the way, "He is the emperor of the state of Xia. The scars on his face are scaring. Why is our boss..." She stopped, as if she was afraid of something. Then she said no more.

She paused for a while and continued, "I have heard about the late empress of the state of Xia. She is indeed a general, and is very good at leading soldiers and fighting. Very few women like fighting."

Qian Yin murmured. Her words were like a thunder to Yun Shang, exploding in the bottom of her heart.

She knew who the woman in the drawing brought here by Xia Huanyu looked like.

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