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   Chapter 325 Emperor Of The State Of Xia

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Yun Shang lowered her head and burst into laughter as if she had heard the most funny joke. Everyone looked at her and saw her slowly raising her hand to take the bow and gently touching the bow and arrow.

"The eldest prince of the state of Yelang likes to bully the weak. We all know that your arrow skill is excellent. You are good at shooting with three arrows at the same time. However, the eldest prince only wants to compete with your arrow skill." Yun Shang didn't expect that it was Liu Yinfeng who spoke first. While blaming Cangjue Kangning, he secretly told her something.

Yun Shang took up the arrow feather in her plate, and drew the bow with a smile. She placed one arrow on the plate, and held the bow in one hand. When the other hand touched the arrow feather, she said with a faint smile, "so this is what you are good at? It doesn't matter. You have to give up on what you are good at. "

Yun Shang suddenly picked up all the rest nine arrows in the plate, quickly pulled the bow to the biggest and shot it towards the arrow target.

Before the people in the hall could react, they saw that ten arrows were neatly inserted in the middle of the arrow target. The eunuch aside was the first to react. He hurriedly pulled out all the arrow feathers from the target and counted before he said loudly, "His majesty, lady Jing, you win the game. "

The hall was in an uproar, but Yun Shang, as the protagonist, smiled. She went to the table and picked up the wine on it, "Your Highness, it's your turn."

Having said that, Yun Shang was about to raise her hand to drink when Prince Jing stopped her. "You have drunk six glasses today. Don't drink."

Yun Shang wanted to tell him that she wouldn't get drunk, but when she saw Prince Jing's gaze, she didn't say anything. She smiled and nodded, putting down her cup. Prince Jing turned around and ordered the servants to prepare tea. While holding Yun Shang's hand, he sat down next to Lady Jing. "Let's see him here."

Yun Shang wanted to say, it was against the rules, but she didn't think what she did today was in accordance with the rules. She simply nodded, and said to

me how to do small things. But I'm not strong enough. Otherwise, I can shoot better than just now."

"Really?" Emperor Ning looked up at Prince Jing and smiled. Then he kept silent. A doubt rose in his heart. Yun Shang's ability to shoot arrows was certainly excellent for ordinary people who wouldn't be able to shoot arrows for a few years. She married Prince Jing less than a year ago. Besides, most of the time, they were separated in two places.

Since Prince Jing didn't contradict her, he didn't ask more. He smiled and said, "it's a pity that Prince Jing is injured. Otherwise, we can see how he works as an archer."

After that, this topic was left behind. The competition just now had become a fervent topic in the palace, and everyone was talking about Yun Shang's art of archery. Emperor Ning didn't call for the dancers. After the guests drank some wine, Emperor Ning smiled and said, "brother Xia, I'm surprised that you are here in person."

The emperor of the state of Xia paused, and put down the wine. He glanced at Prince Jing and said loudly, "there's a personal thing I need to tell you." He paused and said sadly, "twenty nine years ago, my wife insisted on going to the battlefield together, but unexpectedly she fell off the cliff. I thought she and the baby were both dead. But not long ago, when Lord Hua Guo came here, he found a child who was very likely to be the posthumous child of my wife..."

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