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   Chapter 324 Provocation

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Yun Shang didn't expect that emperor Ning would push her out. She was startled. Prince Jing reached out his hand and pinched her palm. Yun Shang gave a little smile, and stood up with the wine glass and pots on the table. She bypassed the short table in front of her and went to the center of the hall. She bowed to Emperor Ning before she raised her glass and looked at the man with a scar on his face, but she couldn't see the expression on his face clearly. "I was reckless. Many soldiers of the state of Xia and the state of Ning were killed on the battlefield. I'll punish myself with three cups of wine to comfort the soldiers in the battlefield. I hope that there will be no war dispute from now on. "

The man looked at her in silence and turned his eyes. Yun Shang knew that he was looking at Prince Jing. She frowned. Then she heard the emperor of the state of Xia said in a voice that was low to hear, "Qingyan, you have got a good wife."

Yun Shang was surprised at Prince Jing's words. It took her a while to realize that the emperor was talking about Prince Jing.

Yun Shang's gaze fell on the emperor of the state of Xia. The emperor raised his hand and said with a smile, "you have balls, Lady Jing."

Yun Shang didn't see the expression on his face clearly. She went blank for a while, and then raised her head to gulp down the wine in the cup. After that, she refilled the glass with two more glasses, and downed the wine in one go. The people cheered for her action. Yun Shang curtsied to Emperor Ning again, with a slight smile on her face. Then she turned back to her seat. She saw Liu Yinfeng across the table, who was shocked and angry.

Maybe he was angry with her cheating him. Yun Shang didn't think too much. She just lowered her head and ate the food in front of her. She thought that this dish was fresh and had no idea what it was made. She had to ask Lord Zheng later.

At this time, a frivolous laughter came, followed by a broken voice of the state of Ning. "I've always heard that Lady Jing is a weak

make trouble, don't blame me for being rude to you. If you lose, I won't make things difficult for the eldest prince. I just want you to leave the state of Ning. It's a feast in our state. Not every dog and cat can come to make a scene. "

Her comparison of Cangjue Kangning with a servant dog infuriated Prince Cangjue Kangning. He snorted, "no big deal. I am not afraid of you! But I don't like those secret guards. I'll compete with you. "

Hearing this, Yun Shang felt somewhat helpless. Why did so many people want to compete with her? First Qi Lang, now Cangjue Kangning.

"Really? How to compete? The four arts? " Yun Shang raised her eyebrows and used a brocade handkerchief to wipe off the disdain on the corners of her mouth.

Cangjue Kangning sneered and turned to look at the emperor of the state of Xia. "Look! She's so good at playing the four arts and beat you!" After saying that, he turned around and said, "if you want to challenge me, you can fight with archers. The four arts are all women's games."

Yun Shang ordered servants to make preparations.

Two arrow targets were at the door. Yun Shang smiled. "Your Highness, who is the first? You or me?"

Cangjue Kangning snorted and became impatient, "don't you always say 'female first'? You will go first. I am afraid you would be scared to death after seeing my techniques. "

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