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   Chapter 322 Surging

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Although Yun Shang was surprised, she knew that if she showed an expression that she shouldn't have appeared, the man in front of her would doubt her. Yun Shang felt lucky that she didn't take Qian Yin with her when she went out. If Qian Yin was also there, she couldn't avoid it.

"What? Shang'er, is this... mister calling you? " Prince Jing turned to Yun Shang with a wicked glint in his eyes.

Yun Shang looked up blankly at the man in cyan and frowned, "don't you forget my name, my husband?"

Prince Jing was taken aback when Yun Shang called him "husband". After a while, he put on a smile and said, "I don't forget your name, my lady. But this gentleman is so passionate that I hardly have time to entertain my curiosity. In this case, I'm afraid he mistook the wrong person."

Hearing the conversation between the two handsome men and the woman, the man in cyan went blank for a moment, and a touch of bitterness emerged in his heart. Yes, although the woman in front of him looked like the man, she was really a woman. Besides, the woman had totally different temperament, she was gentle and charming, while the man he was missing was as elegant as bamboo.

He forced a smile and felt disappointed. After he left with his men and came back, the array outside the yard was destroyed and Uncle Liu was dead, but the man in white was nowhere to be found. He sent people to spy on the place for a long time, but no one had returned. Perhaps that person had already died.

"Sorry, I mistook you for someone else." The man in cyan withdrew his gaze, bowed his head and said indifferently.

Yun Shang nodded and went upstairs with Prince Jing.

A woman's voice came from downstairs, "Yinfeng, Come on! Why are you so late? " The man in cyan quickened his pace, but he stopped when he brushed past Yun Shang. He turned his head and looked back in surprise at the beautiful woman. Why? She smelled exactly the same as Xiao Yun...

"Yinfeng... Yinfeng!" The voice of the woman became more anxious. The man in cyan quickly turned around and went downstairs.

After they entered the room together, Prince Jing spoke with a smile, "Yinfeng? Liu Yinfeng? "

Yun Sha

state of Xia. Besides... The woman who called Liu Yinfeng downstairs was the sister of the crown prince of the state of Xia, Princess Jinyou. Or maybe Her Highness was a barbaric playboy and arrived at the imperial city. The crown prince of the state of Xia was unable to force her back so he asked Liu Yinfeng to bring the woman with him. "

The princess of the state of Xia...

Yun Shang was silent for a moment, and then thought of another thing. "How could you know she is Princess Jinyou? By the way, you have fought against Liu Yinfeng before, right? Why does Liu Yinfeng behave as if he doesn't know you? "

Prince Jing laughed. "I know she is Princess Jinyou because I saw the woman downstairs just now. She has a jade pendant of the royal family of the state of Xia on her waist. I have seen it before..." He paused for a moment, and then continued with a slow smile, "and even I have one too. As for why Liu Yinfeng doesn't know me, I had a direct confrontation with him before. At that time, I was in a hurry for seven days with a face covered with dust. I'm afraid that he didn't even see my appearance, and he had been looking at you just now... "

When they were talking, they heard someone going upstairs. The footsteps stopped at the door of their room and the door was pushed open. Liu Yinfeng came in, staring at Yun Shang. He looked anxious. As soon as he opened the door, he locked his eyes on Yun Shang. "You are Xiao Yun."

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