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   Chapter 319 An Old Acquaintance (Part Two)

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Wang Jinyan giggled, "whatever. Life is short, I will just do what I like."

Wang Jinyan kept urging Yun Shang to play against her. Yun Shang had no choice but to change into some casual clothes in her room. Then she took Wang Jinyan to the training ground in Prince Jing's mansion. This was the first time that Yun Shang came to the training ground, which was a open place. Weapon racks were on both sides. Yun Shang still chose her favorite dagger, and Wang Jinyan chose a whip.

They were familiar with each other and didn't need to stand on ceremony. They fought soon. Wang Jinyan chose the whip, and it was more convenient and easy to attack from a distance. Yun Shang was good at attacking. She had spent about an hour to attack her, and finally won.

Wang Jinyan's eyes twinkled. "My father said my whip skill was good, but I lost to you. Shang'er, you are awesome."

Yun Shang liked Wang Jinyan's ingenuous manner. She smiled and said, "in fact, I don't have much thoughts on martial arts. I only have a year, where I cultivated day and night, and the people fighting with me are usually killers who kill people. What they taught me wasn't good-looking. There weren't any styles, but it was very practical. "

Wang Jinyan nodded, "well, I like whip because it's also good-looking. It's a combination of toughness and gentleness. Now it seems to be also a weakness." Then Wang Jinyan seemed to remember something and whispered in Yun Shang's ear, "I heard that Jing Wenxi has some grudges with you and I will tell you a secret..."

Yun Shang's eyes lit up when she heard Wang Jinyan's words. She hurriedly asked with a smile on her face, "really?"

Wang Jinyan smiled and nodded. "I didn't see it with my own eyes, but a maid in Jing's mansion walked in on them and she was poisoned. Jing Wenxi wanted to put her to death, but the girl was smart enough to run away. I brought her back after seeing her pitiful face, so I knew it. I'm not a gossip girl. I just heard that Jing Wenxi hurt the youngest Prince and coveted his highness. I think it's time to tell you this. You can take revenge as you like. "

Yun Shang nodded with a smile, "thank you for such an interesting news. If you are free, send me an invitation. I'll treat you to Yuman tower."

Wang Jinyan smiled, "then I'll wait." Then she said goodbye and left Prince Jing's mansion.

Yun Shang thought about what Wang Jinyan said a moment ago. She called Qian Yin in and asked, "I asked you to send someone to kill Jing Wenxi. Haven't you killed her yet?"

Qian Yin was stunned for a moment and then sighed. "Your Highness, the night is dark and windy. How dare I act rashly in broad daylight?"

"That's good." Yun Shang smiled and knocked on the table, "Jing Wenxi's life should be kept for me in the first place..."

Seeing Yun Shang's thoughtful expression, Qian Yin knew that Jing Wenxi was about to suffer.

The new imperial edict that the emperor

said, "Your Highness."

Yun Shang smiled. "I was wondering who the beauty was admiring the flowers in the snow. It turned out to be you, Meng Jieyu. I haven't seen you for a long time. How are you?"

Qin Meng, who was half squatting, slightly paused, and the smile on her face was somewhat forced. She knelt down before Yun Shang after thinking for a moment, "please forgive me. I was blinded and did such an unforgivable thing. Please forgive me."

Yun Shang bent down to hold Qin Meng up and smiled, "Meng Jieyu, what are you doing? There are so many people in the imperial garden. People will think I'm bullying you if they see us. "

"I dare not." Qin Meng quickly stood up, her body still trembling slightly. She had pretended to serve Yun Shang before, but she had secretly communicated with the empress because she thought that the empress was an honorable empress, and if there was no big mistake, even the emperor couldn't disable her. And Yun Shang was just a princess, and a married Princess. In the palace, it was more comfortable to attach herself to the empress than to the princess who was married off. She had never thought that the empress would be brought down so easily

Yun Shang smiled, "people always say that people love the past. How would I blame you? There's no need to be nervous."

Qin Meng shuddered. She said, biting her teeth, "Your Highness, I'm sorry. Please forgive my rudeness. I swear I will follow your lead."

Yun Shang laughed as if she had heard the most funny joke, "do you think I will believe you? You betrayed me for several times."

Qin Meng felt a little scared. These days, she became more and more out of favor in the palace, and the servants became more and more dissipated, which made her very unhappy. If she offended lady jing again, she would have a hard time.

Thinking of this, Qin Meng quickly said, "Your Highness, I have some news about Princess Hua Jing and the grand councilor li..."

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