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   Chapter 318 An Old Acquaintance (Part One)

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The siblings were shocked. After a while, master Zheng reminded, "Her highness must be too excited so she forgot to thank his majesty."

Liu Qingya bit her lip and remained silent for a long time. Then she closed her eyes and leaned over, "thank you, your majesty."

Although he was reluctant, Liu Qiyan had no choice but to kowtow with Liu Qingya, for he knew that it would be hard to change the situation.

After the imperial edict was issued again, the time of the imperial edict had not changed, which had only been changed was the one person who would be empress. Both master Wu Na and Lingxuzi predicted that a woman who was be born on May 17 at the same time, and Liu Qingya fitted the requirements. So the people had no complaints. Although Liu Qingya didn't have a high social status, she made people accept her in an inconceivable way.

"Liu Qingya..." In Prince Jing's mansion, Prince Jing leaned against the door and murmured. Then he looked up at Yun Shang. "I thought it was lady Jin? Why lady ya? "

Yun Shang smiled and played the Guqin for a while, letting out a string of tuneless sound. Then she said, "someone told me that the empress' position is noble, but it represents a scheme all the time, like treading on thin ice. The scheming women in the palace all wanted the position of the empress. I don't want mother to have a hard time. Though it's not easy to survive in the palace, it's better to be easier. As for Liu Qingya... She works for me, together with her number one scholar brother. Although I don't want mother to be the empress, I have to make sure that anyone who serves as the empress will wholeheartedly protect mother. "

Prince Jing heard her and pondered. "You said before that you had placed many followers in the court. In my opinion, the followers you have planted are all low-ranking officials with no future. I didn't expect you to be such a concealed chess player." But he was still shocked. Subduing a person wasn't easy. Without years of careful cultivation, he couldn't be thought highly of, let alone hand over his own family. The woman in front of her was only 15 years

azing. We are not idle at all. I'm the only woman in the army. So I was kind of taken care of. They gave me a horse. But when I came back to the Imperial City, I felt my legs were not mine. My legs were covered with bruises. "

Then she shook her head and said, "your prince is really tough to deal with. A war usually lasts at the forefront. While the soldiers are taking a rest, he is calling the generals to have a meeting, just like iron men. He really is the God of war. "

Yun Shang smiled and felt proud. Although Wang Jinyan spoke highly of Prince Jing, she had a sense of glory in her heart. "I'm afraid he rushed the battle because of me. Without his permission, I went to the Kangyang City in silence..."

Wang Jinyan glared at Yun Shang as she heard Yun Shang's words. After a while, she said with interest, "I've heard that you are extremely courageous at the frontier. You have disheartened the military councilor Liu, the most proud officer of the state of Xia. I didn't know you have such a strength. You have been concealing it from me for a long time before, but now, you have already exposed it. How about sparring with me? "

"Haha..." Yun Shang couldn't help laughing. She raised her hand and tapped the middle of her brows, "no wonder your parents always talk about you. you try to bully and fight others all the time. They kept saying that Nobody is willing to marry a woman like you..."

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