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   Chapter 317 The New Candidates Of The Empress (Part Three)

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Could it be Yun Shang? Emperor Ning frowned. He wondered why Yun Shang refused to let lady Jin be the empress. From Yun Shang's reaction in Lady Jin's palace the other day, she hoped that emperor Ning would appoint lady Jin as his concubine, and if lady Jin became the empress, Chenxi would be the real crown prince.

Emperor Ning pondered for a long time, but still didn't figure out the secret. He shook his head and ordered, "tell lady Ya and Liu Qiyan to come to the imperial palace."

Lord Zheng nodded and went to open the door. When he was about to order the eunuch to do it, he saw Liu Qiyan standing in front of qinzheng hall. With an anxious look on his face, he said, "Lord Zheng, I have something to talk to his majesty. May I know if his majesty has time to summon me?"

Lord Zheng smiled and said, "I was sent for Master Liu. Now, you are here on your own. This way, we won't have to worry too much." While saying, he allowed Liu Qiyan to enter the room.

"Your Majesty, as soon as I opened the door, I saw Mr. Liu standing at the door, asking to see you, so I brought him in." Master Zheng said with a smile.

Emperor Ning nodded. As soon as he stepped into the hall, Liu Qiyan suddenly knelt down. "Your Majesty, my sister is born on the seventeenth day of may, but she is just from a rural family. Although she knows how to read and write because of our father, she cannot be the empress. As the empress, she should be virtuous and generous, but my sister doesn't match with the empress' status. Your majesty, please don't appoint my younger sister as the empress. There are many people who were born on May 17 in the world. Someone must be able to take the responsibility. "

There was a flash of surprise in emperor Ning's eyes. Liu Qiyan was the elder brother of Lady ya, and naturally he knew her birthday. Moreover, as Master Wu Na and master Lingxuzi had

e of his temperament that he doesn't worry that he has a private party.

As for Liu Qingya...

Emperor Ning looked at the woman kneeling before him. Liu Qingya didn't have much attention in the imperial household. She was ordinary, but gentle and considerate. She always made him feel relaxed, and was unique in the imperial palace. Moreover, she was gentle and got along well with the ladies in the palace. She was a smart girl.

Lady Jin... Emperor Ning paused for a while. Although he liked lady Jin the most in the imperial household, she was definitely not the good choice of the empress. Lady Jin was cold and stubborn, and did not like the intricate struggles in the palace. At present, Yun Shang and Prince Jing were always a sore spot in his heart... He could protect her for a lifetime, with love and indulgence, but she couldn't be the empress.

Thinking of this, Emperor Ning smiled and said, "it's hard for me to fight back, Mr. Liu. As you know, the officials and people all know that the ceremony was held on the altar, and everyone has witnessed it. If you don't respect God, I'm afraid it's hard for me to explain, and you don't have to refuse to give up. I'll issue an imperial edict to appoint your sister as my empress later..."

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