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   Chapter 316 The New Candidates Of The Empress (Part Two)

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The next day, Emperor Ning arranged Master Wu Na to live in Prince Jing's mansion, and master Lingxuzi lived in the grand councilor's mansion.

Holding a piece in hand, Yun Shang looked at the monk opposite her and sighed, "I was counting on master Lingxuzi to speak for me. But you fought against him as soon as you arrived. I heard that he was broken his arm by you."

Master Wu Na snorted, "that guy so stubborn. I said I would drink white spirit, but he insisted on drinking distilled spirit. The two of us are incompatible!"

Yun Shang's hands trembled slightly, and the corners of her mouth twitched. "Just for this?"

Master Wu Na nodded, "of course, it's a matter of principle. I never drink alcohol that is as rough as the distilled spirit."

"……" Yun Shang frowned and felt speechless.

Qian Yin, who was standing next to Yun Shang, almost fell to the ground. She said in a shaky voice, "why don't we buy two kinds of alcohol together? You can each drink the alcohol you want to drink..."

"Yes, I didn't think of it at that time." Master Wu Na laid his piece on the table, emotionless.

"……" This time, even Qian Yin didn't know what to say.

On the fifteenth day of the second month, all the civil and military officials had been waiting outside the altar. As it was an ordinary worship, there were many people surrounding the altar. Master Wu Na and master Lingxuzi sat on the both sides of the altar, meditating, and their mouths constantly moving.

It was nearly noon when Emperor Ning in his robe came in. Everyone hurriedly knelt down to receive him. They watched emperor Ning slowly climb up the stairs and walk to the middle of the altar.

Master Wu Na and Master Lingxuzi stood up and bowed to Emperor Ning. Master Zheng had the servants put the sacrificial offerings on the altar, and then handed the lighted incense to Emperor Ning. Emperor Ning knelt and bowed three times towards the altar. "May the Kingdom thrive..."

All the officials bowed to him and said, "May the kingdom thrive."

Emperor Ning said loudly, "today's worship is for pray. Master Wu Na and master Lingxuzi please lead us the road..."

Master Wu Na and master Lingxuzi stood up, saluted, and went to the middle of the altar. Master Wu Na held the lot pot in his hands, and master Lingxuzi's hands held two horns. Both of them took the

dealing with Jing family's father and daughter, Emperor Ning turned to master Zheng, "who is the one born on the seventeenth day of may in lunar calendar in the imperial concubines?"

Master Zheng bent down and said, "I just checked the date of birth of the concubines. Only lady Ya was born on the seventeenth day of May scooter, and she lives in the southwest of the imperial palace."

"Lady ya?" Emperor Ning was slightly taken aback, as he had never expected such a result. With doubts in his heart, he wondered, 'the imperial edict of the Ministry of rites is in charge of the imperial edict, and the brother of Lady ya, Liu Qiyan, is the Ministry of rites. Then, why did such a thing happen? Did Liu Qiyan do it?'?

While thinking, Emperor Ning shook his head to deny his own thoughts. He had investigated Liu Qiyan's identity. He was only a child of an ordinary peasant family. He studied for merit only because his father was outstanding and excellent. Now there were only two of them in the family. Emperor Ning had observed him secretly since he entered the court. Liu Qiyan was upright and did not know the entanglement in the political field. Moreover, he didn't get on well with his colleagues in the court. Even when he was in a critical juncture of life and death, he had never secretly made a profit for himself. he was not the kind of person who would bow his head to the wall. he was unable to do it, either. master Lingxuzi was a person that Jing Kui wanted to invite. Anyway, it was impossible for Liu Qiyan to persuade Lingxuzi to help him.

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