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   Chapter 315 The New Candidates Of The Empress (Part One)

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When Yun Shang woke up again, it was already dark outside. Prince Jing was reading a book on his chair. It was quite noisy in the room, so Yun Shang didn't feel cold. She dressed herself and asked, "Mr. Wang, have he left?"

Prince Jing nodded. He looked absent-minded, which made Yun Shang stare at him.

Aware of Yun Shang's intention, Prince Jing put down his book and stood up. "I'll have Qian Yin take some warm food. You can eat something if you are hungry." Then he walked to Yun Shang and helped her put on her clothes. Putting a cloak on her, he said, "although we have burned a stove in the room, you must be careful not to wear too less. Otherwise, you might catch a cold."

Yun Shang answered in a low voice and looked up at Prince Jing, "what did Wang Jinhuan say? You don't look good. "

Prince Jing frowned and took Yun Shang to sit at the table. "Wang Jinhuan said that the emperor of the state of Xia will come to the Imperial City in person and have a talk with emperor Ning by the way after the wedding ceremony next month. But I suspect that he is here for... I... "

"Yes." Yun Shang nodded. In fact, when she was in Jingyang, she knew that if the emperor of the state of Xia knew the existence of Prince Jing, he must come and confirm it in person. "What are you going to do?"

Prince Jing thought for a while and shook his head. "I don't have any plan yet. Let nature take its course."

Yun Shang didn't ask. She knew that Prince Jing was a man who always took everything into consideration. As to let nature take its course, he must have been fully prepared, so there was nothing to worry about.

Li Yiran was dead. As for Hua Jing, Yun Shang thought Hua Jing was interesting. She would take her time.

As long as Jing Wenxi was settled and the development of her mother and little brother Chenxi was achieved, Yun Shang had nothing to worry about in the state of Ning. Now that she married Prince Jing, she was willing to follow him.

Yun Shang run her fingers through her hair, and smiled, "it doesn't matter. No matter what choice you choose in the end, I'll support you."

Prince Jing raised his eyes to look at Yun Shang. He only felt that un

o it earlier. Only a certain harem has provided the imperial edict. Recently, we don't have much things to do and there is no more imperial edict. Thus, when I knew that Jing Wenxi is going to be the empress, I had somebody send a piece of paper with problems......"

"Your schemes are quite tricky. No wonder his majesty couldn't find out anything about the imperial edict. Even if his majesty figured out that it wasn't a problem relating to those copies being posted, he would only think that it was somebody who had tampered with the imperial edict at most, and wouldn't take any further action against it." Prince Jing smiled at Yun Shang, "I have married a very special wife."

Yun Shang smiled and focused on eating, without saying anything.

The imperial edict had been rolling up, because it had all come to naught and the rumors had not subsided, but it was very difficult to stop them. Emperor Ning, Master Jing and Jing Wenxi were getting more and more anxious, even they kept silent. They hurriedly brought Master Wu Na and master Lingxuzi to the imperial city. On the fifteenth day of February, they prayed for blessings at the altar and asked master Lingxuzi to accompany Master Wu Na. They also divined the state of Ning through the altar that day.

Master Wu Na was arranged to live in the post in the Imperial City, and he was in a fight with Master Lingxuzi at that day. Both of them were kung fu masters, so the fight was violent.

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