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   Chapter 313 The Bloody Imperial Edict (Part Two)

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However, Emperor Ning's most suspicious person was Yun Shang.

He was more confused about Yun Shang's reaction. It was obvious that Yun Shang didn't like Jing Wenxi. But if Yun Shang was only afraid that Jing Wenxi might have an affair with Prince Jing, and Jing Wenxi as the empress, wasn't it what Yun Shang expected?

Emperor Ning kept silent for a long time. He just ordered the guards to be reprinted again. He also said that he would send guards to every place to guard the signs in the evening. The emperor of Xia hasn't known much about Prince Jing yet, and Yun Shang has gained more popularity among the people. There is no evidence to prove that she did it. It's not appropriate to interrogate her rashly.

However, it was beyond emperor Ning's expectation that even if the imperial guards were sent to guard by the emperor, there was still something wrong with the imperial edict. Earlier the next morning, it was still stained with blood.

Earlier this morning, grand councilor Jing cried out in Jinluan hall, claiming that he was set up and he was an enemy of the entire state of Ning. Emperor Ning flew into a rage. He told his imperial guards to guard it in the open and secretly send secret guards in the dark. If they discovered any villain, they would kill him. In this way, the people in the imperial city were also jittery, but on the third day, the imperial edict still went wrong.

Not only was the imperial edict issued by the army guarding the Imperial City, but also the imperial edict posted in neighboring cities was followed by the same situation.

A rumor was spreading like wildfire. Someone went

idea what had happened, Prince Jing reached out his hand to caress Yun Shang's hair, and then bowed his head to read again.

This was what the Butler saw when he came in. Two equally outstanding men and women were leaning on the bench, in a lazy posture, occasionally whispering. Most of the time, they were reading books by themselves, but quite harmonious.

With a smile on his face, the Butler walked to a place ten feet away from them and stopped. "Your Highness, the imperial edict for your coming into the palace."

Yun Shang turned around and pretended to be casual. She nodded and yawned, "I thought my father would call me back the next day after Qiwu palace was in trouble. It seems that father is more patient than I thought." Then she stood up and smoothed her messy clothes. "I'll go to the Palace first."

Prince Jing nodded.

When Yun Shang entered the palace, she saw two people outside qinzheng hall that she didn't like to see. Yun Shang narrowed her eyes and smiled slightly, but didn't look at them. "Master Jing and miss Jing are also here to visit father?"

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