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   Chapter 306 Change In The Palace (Part Two)

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Madam Zheng let out a sigh, and glanced at Lady Jin. She knew that lady Jin didn't look well, but she didn't stop her, so she said, "Li Jingyan is in rebellion, and the court is not stable. Jing Kui almost used up all his wealth, and placed the officials one by one. He convinced the people who were supposed to be Li Jingyan's party to wipe out all the hidden forces of the Li clan in the imperial city. His majesty sealed him to become the grand Councilor. His majesty made a decree for the first time, but Jing Kui want to disobey. He told the emperor that his daughter has offended Princess Yun Shang and Prince Jing, and she's still in prison now. He's only asking the emperor to spare his daughter. "

Yun Shang sniggered and said coldly, "so my father let Jing Wenxi go and personally asked Jing Kui to be the position of the grand Councilor. He might have allowed his daughter to marry him and be one of his concubines or even the empress, right?" The more Yun Shang said, the angrier she felt in her heart.

Lady Jin remained silent for a moment. She held Yun Shang's hand and shook her head with a smile. "Shang'er, I don't care about that. I have you. And now I have Chenxi. That's enough."

Yun Shang's fingers trembled slightly. "It's my fault, mother. If I didn't punish her for what she did in Laifeng City so quickly, this result wouldn't have happened." The coldness in her eyes increased. "I'm afraid the Jing Kui is not stupid. he pleaded with his majesty to let Jing Wenxi go. he said that Jing Wenxi got into prison because she liked Prince Jing and offended me. But he never mentioned that she was so vicious that she almost killed Chenxi." Speaking of which, Yun Shang noticed a touch of depression in Lady Jin's face. It occurred to her that Chenxi was her mother's child. She and her son were linked in love. Jing Wenxi treated Chenxi like that, and mother must hate her. But now her father...

Yun Shang stood up, "mother, why don't I take you to Prince Jing's mansion to live for a while?"

Lady Jin smiled at Yun Shang's words.

oned it to him several times."

"Well..." Lady Jin murmured, "what are you going to do? Now your father has known about it. Based on his character, he will not let it go. Since he suffered such a big loss from the army of the state of Xia, it is not the right time for him to know Prince Jing's identity... "

Yun Shang was worried too, but she said, "it doesn't matter. His highness must have found a way to deal with it..."

Lady Jin looked at Yun Shang for a long time and said, "what will you do if Prince Jing goes to the state of Xia?"

Yun Shang smiled faintly, "I have married him. Wherever he goes, I should follow him. Don't worry about me, mother. I'm not a weak woman, and I won't lose no matter what happens. "

Lady Jin wasn't so worried after hearing Yun Shang's words. She smiled and said, "a few days ago when your grandfather came to the Imperial City, I told him about you. Then I learned that you had a very wonderful time when you were not in the palace. Your grandfather was the Grand Tutor before, and has a high opinion of himself. He speaks highly of you. I think you are an outstanding one too, so I don't have to worry about you. "

Yun Shang giggled. "I was naughty when I was with grandfather. I pranked him so badly, so he was bound to say something nice about me. He is just afraid that I might set him up again if I'm not happy."

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