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   Chapter 305 Change In The Palace (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-01-16 00:22

"Really?" Emperor Ning squinted at Yun Shang with an amiable smile. "Did the generals bully you? Tell me, what happened? How dare he bully my shang'er? I won't spare them easily. "

Yun Shang kept silent for a while and said indifferently, "father, you're overthinking things. I always know myself well. I'm a girl from a family that has nothing to do with the military strategies in the deep palace. Besides, I don't know much about war. I know nothing about war. So I have to listen to those generals." A murderous look passed her eyes as she finished her words. But it disappeared in an instant. Yun Shang knew that emperor Ning must have seen it.

Prince Jing turned around as soon as she finished speaking. There was a touch of coldness in his eyes. He curved his lips into a mocking smile and said, "you are so kind, shang'er. The guards at the border take care of their local villains without the help of others. But they went too far. Not only didn't they listen to you, but they also didn't care about my shang'er's well-being. Yun Shang was taken to the army of the state of Xia's camp, and hurt by the toxic smoke from Liu Yinfeng's array. If I didn't arrive in time and took Qing Cang with me, who was good at arrays, I was afraid that shang'er would... "

After a pause, Prince Jing lowered his head and snorted coldly.

Blue veins stood out on emperor Ning's forehead. He slapped the imperial case heavily, and asked, "who on earth has the audacity to do that?" is it Qi Lang? I'll skin him alive. "

However, Yun Shang stepped forward, took emperor Ning's hand and said gently, "father, I'm fine. Besides, general Qi should be rewarded for leading the army to win the battle. But general Qi is too old to fight on the battlefield. What about my father appoint him as a free officer? How about just letting him retire. "

The emperor kept silent for a while. Then he nodded, "okay. I'll follow your advice."

Just after that, a voice outside, "Lady Jin is here."

Lady Jin? Yun Shang was surprised and delighted. Perhaps her father promoted her rank because her mother gave birth to Chenxi. Thinking of this, she turned around, lookin

he grand councilor had the empress grounded. The grand councilor was the traitor. If his daughter holds the position of the empress again, it would probably incur dissatisfaction from all the courtiers."

Lady Jin remained silent for a moment and sighed. "His majesty has decreed that Li Yiran's position of empress be abolished."

Abolish the empress... Yun Shang couldn't help squinting. Since Li Yiran had been abolished, no one else in the imperial household could assume the title of an empress other than her mother. Moreover, her father hasn't had a son yet. Why did her mother just be promoted as a lady, not the empress?

Yun Shang's fingers were a little hot on the tea cup. After a long while, she asked an irrelevant question. "The grand councilor Li has also been abolished. Who is the new grand councilor now?"

"Jing Kui, the former Head of the Court of Rites." Lady Jin paused and said softly.

Yun Shang almost knocked over the cup. She knew who he was, but she didn't care who he was. The most important thing was that he was Jing Wenxi's father.

Yun Shang's eyes flashed with anger, "Head of the Court of Rites? How could he be the grand councilor? What about Jing Wenxi? "

Lady Jin kept silent longer this time. Yun Shang didn't get any response from her, so she looked up at madam Zheng and asked, "madam, tell me, what on earth happened when I was away? How come Jing Kui become the grand councilor? "

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