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   Chapter 304 Promise (Part Two)

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They didn't say what they were thinking about, but they exchanged an understanding look. Prince Jing took hold of Yun Shang's hand, restrained his smile and sighed. "At that time, I really thought that I would never be able to see you again. What annoyed me most was that I didn't even have the time to tell you that I had a crush on you. Later on, i think that we have been married for more than half a year, but we are always separated from each other. I haven't had time to accompany you. Then I started to regret marrying you. I'm afraid you'll marry someone else sooner or later if I'm dead. Thinking that maybe someone else will hold your hand, or that they will do something more intimate with you, I got furious. Fortunately, God heard me crying. I was still alive after all... "

Yun Shang didn't expect these words from Prince Jing. She stared at him as if she didn't understand what he meant.

Prince Jing was not in a hurry. He smiled, holding Yun Shang's hand, and whispered, "my identity is something no matter what it is. There will be a way to solve it. It's okay. But I hope that no matter what my identity is, I promise you that you will be my only wife. No matter what happens, you will be with me."

Yun Shang remained speechless for a while. Then she suddenly remembered her first concerto with him, a song called courting a Phoenix, which he said she must be the one to play together with him.

She was surprised and wondered why she suddenly thought of such a thing. She smiled and thought that maybe fate had been decided at that time.

"Okay." Yun Shang raised her head and said determinedly, "it's my pleasure to have such an outstanding Prince to accompany me."

Prince Jing was overjoyed and full of love for Yun Shang.

"Master, the doctor is here."

There came the voice of secret guards. Yun Shang was startled. She quickly bowed her head, stood up and opened the door, "just go in. I'll go to see if Qian Yin's food is ready." Then she ran away as fast as she could.

Puzzled, the secret guard looked at Yun Shang for a while, and asked the physician to get in, only to find Prince Jing smiling at him. The physician paused, and turned to the secret guard, "Sir, let the physician have a look at your wound."

Prince Jing said "yes", and the doctor went to him at once...

Since Prince Jing was awake, they came back to the imperial city faster. As Prince Jing said, there will be a solution. Thinking of that, a smile appeared on Yun Shang's face. She kept her eyes on a book, but didn't turn a page for a long time.

Prince Jing leaned against the carriage wall and had a rest with his eyes closed. The atmosphere in the carriage was warm.

"Your Highnesses, we are going to enter the city." There was the secret guard's voice coming from outside. Yun Shang lifted the curtain of the window and looked outside. She was indeed at the gate of the imperial city. She was prepared for it, but still felt heavy.

The guards at the gat

it still hurts. And my feet are not strong enough. Besides, I'm supported when I walk. I think I look like a disabled person now."

Emperor Ning paused before he continued, "we have to call the imperial physician. The wound cannot be delayed. What if it gets worse?" Then he asked Lord Zheng to come in and sent for the imperial physician.

Prince Jing didn't refuse him and smiled.

Yun Shang looked back and forth between the two men in surprise. She thought her father would lose his temper, but it seemed that nothing had happened between the two men, just as they had been together before.

But she was more worried. She almost forgot that her father was the emperor of the state, and Prince Jing was the God of war that the enemy would tremble with fear. Such two people would never easily expose their true emotions. However, the more they hid themselves, the more dangerous they were. She really couldn't figure out what they were thinking.

Emperor Ning's eyes, however, turned to Yun Shang, and smiled in a softer way. "You have made a splash this time. I heard that you lead troops to fight more and more well in the KY City and Jingyang City. I've already received some compliments from several generals, and they are all very appreciated for you. I don't know, shang'er is actually so capable.You have really given me a good scare. "

Hearing this, Yun Shang laughed. "Father is cheated by those generals again. I'm a princess as well as Lady Jing. How dare they let me fight with them myself? It's just a slip of the tongue in the camp. The soldiers in the border are all experienced generals. They're independent. The battle must be the reward of the generals who went to fight. I dare not take the credit. These generals praised me so much. They must think that I'm the daughter of his majesty. It's always good to flatter me. If my father is happy, he might reward them handsomely. father, you can't be easily fooled by them. These generals are very cunning. "

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