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   Chapter 302 The Journey Back (Part Two)

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Yun Shang nodded, "we are businessmen. A few days ago, when we passed through the Jingyang city, we were engaged in a battle between the two armies. my uncle was unlucky to run into the army of the state of Xia, so he was hurt. Now he is still in a coma. Doctor, how about my uncle's injury?"

Prince Jing felt a little annoyed. Uncle? But he couldn't deny the fact that Yun Shang was indeed his niece before their marriage.

The middle-aged man responded. He straightened the medicine box, sat on the bedside, took Prince Jing's pulse, and lifted the quilt to check the injury on his body.

"I heard that Jingyang city was burnt, and now it is completely destroyed. Is it real?" the shopkeeper, who was busy in listening, asked.

Yun Shang nodded slightly and said: "sure."

"What a pity! A city was destroyed. But I heard that the commoners were all right. It's said that Prince Jing and his wife saved the commoners together." He paused and said awkwardly, "I'm sorry that I have said too much. Please don't mind it. By the way, I heard that in Jingyang City, it was Lady Jing who saved the prince and beat the army of the state of Xia up. They have to withdraw to the state of Xia with the defeated troops. Is that true?"

Qian Yin was pouring water for them, and was back just at the moment. Hearing the shopkeeper's question, she giggled, "of course it is. That day we were among the Jingyang city's people. Prince Jing was hurt, and Lady Jing was furious. She broke the array of the military Councilor of the state of Xia, and beat the army of Xia to pieces..." She wanted to continue, but Yun Shang stopped her with a glance.

Hearing this, the shopkeeper widened his eyes. "Prince Jing is the God of war. I didn't expect that even his wife is also so powerful. Now the state of Xia is likely to be knocked to the ground." "Yesterday, the lame old man in the town said that he didn't believe a woman could be so powerful. Today, I will go to rub it in his face. Ha ha..." he continued, satisfied.

The physician had examined Prince Jing thoroughly. He stood up and said to Yun Shang, "this gentleman is seriously injured, with several severe injuries on his body. It's a miracle that he doesn't die. But the wounds on his body have been healed well without inflamed, and the wounds healed slowly in winter. Here are some medicines for him. Boil them and drink them. It's good for the wounds to heal. "

Yun Shang nodded, turned to Qian Yin, and ordered, "go with the physician to get the medicine."

Qian Yin said yes, and followed the physician out of the door. On hearing the physician's voice outside the door, Yun Shang heard him speak, "prepare three and a half bowls of water, and boil two bowls of warm water..."

Yun Shang walked to the door and closed it. Then she went to the bed. After checking the wound, the physician revealed the inner part of Prince Jing's body and found that Prince Jing's clothes were not properly dressed, which made Yun Shang's heart beat fast. She quickly covered the clothes and took out a book from the luggage.

ou and his highness first."

Yun Shang nodded. When she took Prince Jing's arm and was about to walk out, she heard an empty sound behind her. "Where are we going?"

"Be careful, your highness..." Qian Yin said.

Yun Shang avoided the attack. Qian Yin was about to save her, but was trapped in the room under the siege of two killers in front and back. Yun Shang leaned against the handrail and looked at the masked man who was raising his sword toward her, then holding Prince Jing in her arms, she moved away again. That man was a kung fu master. He was good at Kung Fu and his moves were malicious, targeting the vital parts. If Yun Shang was alone, she could have a fight with him, and she wouldn't lose. But she had to look after the unconscious Luo Qingyan by her side, so it was hard for her to hide from him. Without weapons in hand, she was at a disadvantage.

A slashing sword wind blew. Yun Shang took two steps back and tried to avoid it, but behind her was the staircase. Accidentally, she stepped over and tilted her body. She fell downstairs, but she was still holding Prince Jing tightly and wouldn't let him go.

"Watch out, your highness!" Qian Yin had already noticed the situation here. She was shocked when she saw Yun Shang falling down the stairs. Qian Yin wanted to come to her rescue, but was stopped by the assassin. Qian Yin fought with her sword, but she was one step behind.

Just then, the man in Yun Shang's arms suddenly opened his eyes. he reached out his hands and held Yun Shang's waist. With a somersault in his arms, he fell down to the ground. Since he just woke up, his body was somewhat out of control, and he had a wound in his body, so his strength was insufficient. But he stumbled back several steps before he could barely stood on his feet.

Yun Shang was surprised. She turned her head and fell into a pair of black eyes. She couldn't see the expressions on the face beside her in the dark.

"Shang'er..." The man spoke in a hoarse voice, and Yun Shang's eyes welled up with tears somehow.

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