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   Chapter 301 The Journey Back (Part One)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 6998

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Prince Jing heard the rumbling of carriage under him. The carriage shook all of a sudden as the road was not steady. Prince Jing noticed it and found himself rolling in one direction. He wanted to stop, but found that he could not move at all.

"Alas..." Yun Shang sighed, worried. Then Prince Jing was held by someone. The person put his hand under his arm, pulled him back and rested his head on a soft spot.

"Driver, the road is bumpy. Walk slowly." The voice came from him. Prince Jing recognized that it was Yun Shang's voice. Yun Shang, it was his... wife.

His consciousness gradually came back, and many things came to his mind. He slowly remembered what happened before his coma. He remembered that he had hidden in the mountain with people of the Jingyang City and his soldiers, and hid in a cave under the guidance of the local people. After sending the common people to the village opposite, he and the soldiers hid in the cave. The army of the state of Xia set fire to the mountains. The cave was shrouded in smoke. Fortunately, there were some water and food in the cave, which was fine.

He was waiting for Yun Shang and her reinforcements. He didn't want to trust others at first. If it was before, he would have thrown over 200000 people to fight against the army of the state of Xia. Although it was outnumbered, it didn't mean that he would die. It was just because he trusted Yun Shang once.

She did come. Although he was unwilling to admit, he was thrilled when he heard the news that she came with troops. At that time, he thought Luo Qingyan, you were screwed.

But before she arrived, Liu Yinfeng found him. He was the target of Xia Houyan and Liu Yinfeng's visit to the Jingyang City, but he didn't expect that Liu Yinfeng would take more than one hundred thousand soldiers to chase and kill him. Liu Yinfeng took him seriously because of more than one hundred thousand soldiers. At that time, he had divided the guards in the Jingyang city into three groups, and he stayed with only fifty thousand people.

He quickly made a judgment. If he rushed down now,

y to go home with the snow. Just wait for the snow to stop and then go home. Father has indeed released several secret entrances to the Imperial City, but now that Prince Jing is still in a coma and it snows heavily. Father won't blame us if we return a little late."

On the bed, Prince Jing's heart suddenly sank. When he heard the news of the Qingyan Town, he had guessed that the three of them were heading towards the imperial city. But now, hearing what Yun Shang had said about the emperor, who had issued a few secret orders to order them to go back to the Imperial City, he still felt a little nervous. He was afraid that he couldn't suppress his real identity in the imperial city.

Yun Shang pulled down the handkerchief on the wooden rack and soaked it in hot water for a while before she wrung it out and dried it. She went to the bedside to wipe Prince Jing's face, hands and feet, and threw the handkerchief back into a basin. "It will take two days to move to the next town. We might have to survive out tomorrow. You need to prepare some things for us, and make two more beds for us, and buy more food for us."

Qian Yin curtsied to Yun Shang before withdrawing.

After a while, someone knocked on the door again. Yun Shang said "come in", and the door was pushed open. The innkeeper stood outside the door with a middle-aged man, "Sir, this is the doctor in our town..."

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