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   Chapter 300 Besiege Prince Jing (Part Two)

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The prince's secret guards' body gradually disappeared, but Yun Shang wasn't relieved. Instead, her heart sank. She was afraid that there wouldn't be many people around Prince Jing anymore.

They walked forward for about another fifteen minutes and heard some noises. Yun Shang turned around and asked, "Qian Yin, did you hear that? Can you hear the fighting? "

Qian Yin pricked up her ears to the sound. She heard the armor rubbing against each other when the soldier was walking. Qian Yin shook her head and answered, "no, I didn't hear it."

But Yun Shang didn't give up. She kept going forward, and the fight was getting louder and louder.

"Yes, your highness." Qian Yin exclaimed.

Yun Shang nodded. She couldn't restrain her excitement any longer, waved the whip and speeded up her pace.

"Hold on, your highness." Qian Yin's voice came from behind, but Yun Shang couldn't hear it.

The fighting became more and more clear. It seemed that they were in a place not far away from where there was a lot of grass in the mountain. She could not see it even if she felt the voice was close. After a while, a figure suddenly flew out from behind the grass on the side. Yun Shang avoided it in a hurry. She went through the grass and saw a number of people fighting in front of her.

Yun Shang took out a dagger and killed a soldier of the state of Xia who was the nearest to her. Then she raised her head and asked, "where is Prince Jing?"

The soldier's face was covered in blood, his eyes red with killing intent. He was about to stab Yun Shang with his spear when he suddenly paused before he asked, "who are you?"

"The reinforcements are here. Take me to Prince Jing as soon as possible." Yun Shang ordered loudly.

The soldier was a little surprised, but he still didn't believe what Yun Shang said. He ran to Yun Shang's back, but didn't see any reinforcements. He only heard the sound of horse's hooves and footsteps indistinctly, and turned around with a laugh. "Bros, reinforcements are coming. We are alive!"

The soldiers cheered. Yun Shang grabbed the soldier and asked him again. "Where is Prince Jing?"

The soldier came to his senses and hurriedly said, "Prince Jing is deeper in the mountain, followed by the military counselor of the state of Xia, Liu Yinfeng. I'm afraid that there are less than five hundred soldiers left with Prince Jing, and more than twenty thousand people from the state of Xia. "

Yun Shang was startled. Then she heard Qian Yin gasping for breath. "Slow down, your highness."

Yun Shang turned around and saw Qian Yin coming over with a horde of soldiers. The soldiers were all in a sorry state as they moved so fast that their flags were tipped a little.

"Two thousand men are left here to finish up the enemy force. The rest of you follow me." Yun Shang mounted the horse and galloped back.

Five hundred people vs twenty thousand people, five hundred people vs twenty thousand people...

The words echoed in Yun Shang's mind. Every time she thought of them, a knife would slash her heart.

Not far from Yun Shang, there was a small tree house

re are only four or five hundred soldiers around me. I guess there are tens of thousands of them. What a big difference in number! Why do you need to form an array?" Prince Jing burst into laughter when he saw the soldiers quickly changed their positions.

Grinned Liu Yinfeng as well. "Prince Jing is the God of war in the state of Ning. The seventh Prince and the grand councilor Li are both smart people. They had suffered a lot from the prince. I should be more cautious."

But in the blink of an eye, the array was gradually established. Prince Jing looked around and knew in his heart that Liu Yinfeng array was the Eight-gate Golden Lock Array.

This was a classic array, and also a common one. It could be attacked but guarded. Once the array door was completely closed, they were trapped in the middle circle, and the array changed with different situation after they were captured. At the beginning, they were on the alert to the enemy, and then it was swallowed by the enemy. They would ensure the absolute safety of the array without mistakes. If Prince Jing had a group of more than 10000 soldiers, Prince Jing was confident of winning. Unfortunately, he only had five hundred soldiers.

The array had been closed. Prince Jing lowered his eyes and said loudly, "brothers, charge! Today, no matter what, we have to die on this battlefield. I don't want to be captured alive by them."

Everyone responded seriously, "yes."

They picked up their weapons and rushed outside.

But as soon as Prince Jing's men attacked the array wall, the formation began to change. The eight doors kept moving. All the people trapped in the array were dead one by one. Prince Jing's eyes were red with anger, and he rushed straight towards the life gate, with many injuries on his body.

However, he was stabbed on his legs. Prince Jing fell to the ground. He felt dizzy and buzzing.

Suddenly, a voice sounded, "Luo Qingyan, live for me!"

Prince Jing curled his lips into a sneer. He must be dying now. He had an auditory hallucination and thought it was Yun Shang...

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