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   Chapter 298 The Fight And Rumor Began (Part Two)

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"Apricot village?" Yun Shang ordered loudly, "bring me the map."

The soldier quickly brought over the map and spread it out. Yun Shang looked around the Jingyang city and finally found the apricot village, but she was also surprised and get the soldier over. "You said that it's here?"

The soldier nodded and said, "yes, this is the place. When I arrived at the apricot village, I met my wife. She is from it."

Yun Shang put her hand on Yunjin mountain which stretched a long distance to her. Then it was Jing Mountain, Qi Mountain and the Apricot Village.

The soldier continued, "there is water in the cave. I remember there were several pools, no less than ten of which were as big as a pond although not many."

Yun Shang was glad to hear that. She asked Liu Hua to take the others out, leaving them alone the soldier who said he was once a hunter.

"What's your name?" The hunter kept his head down until he heard Yun Shang's words. When he raised his head and saw Yun Shang, he was stunned.

"her highness is asking you!" Qi Lang frowned and shouted.

The soldier immediately said, "Xiao Dabao, my name is Xiao Dabao."

Yun Shang smiled and nodded. "Now the army of our state is very likely to be trapped in the cave you said. You say you are very familiar with the Yunjin mountain. Could you lead the way for us later?"

When he heard this, a smile appeared on his face. "Yes, your highness."

Yun Shang told him to wait aside and said to Qi Lang, "if what Xiao Dabao has said is true, the army of Ning and the people shouldn't be in too much danger at this time. Prince Jing will house the people in the apricot Village, but it's not a permanent solution to hide in it. Now the army of the state of Xia has no food at all. They must make a quick decision. I think they won't be waiting for too long before they go up the mountain. If the Xia's army finds out the cave, we'll be in great danger. "

"But, if the cave leads to the apricot village, his royal highness may come out of it directly and bypasse the attack of the army of the state of Xia? If we go there to save them, it is very likely that the Xia's military will take action. With fewer people here, we might be... " Qi Lang frowned and said in a low voice.

Yun Shang shook her head, "no, his highness won't." Yun Shang smiled for a while and said, "I know his highness well. If all the two hundred thousand soldiers disappear from the Yunjin Mountain, the army of the state of Xia would suspect and so the cave cannot be concealed. Then the Xia's army will go directly from the cave to the apricot village, which will bring disaster to the people there. Moreover, the Xia's army can invade our state without any hindrance. He won't take such a risk."

Qi Lang thought for a while and realized that it was right. He nodded. "What should we do now, your highness?"

When she was thinking, Yun Shang suddenly stood straight and made a gesture of silence to the people around her. She bowed her head for a long time, raising the corners of her mouth slowly, "What a good news!"

"What's wrong, your highness?"

Yun Shang turned to look at the


Yun Shang frowned and sighed, "take him out and bury him somewhere."

Qian Yin hurried forward, "your highness, Liu Yinfeng is in the mountain. Why is his highness going to the deep of the mountain? There are so many soldiers in the foot of the mountain now. Isn't it better to go down the mountain? "

Yun Shang felt a dull pain in her chest. She closed her eyes for a while and said, "Xia Houyan sent out his troops this time to kill Prince Jing. The reason why Liu Yinfeng came with his men was that he wanted ti killed Prince Jing alone. There are Xia's spies in the camp, so the cave must have been exposed. Perhaps it was because... Because his highness thought that Liu Yinfeng brought more than one hundred thousand people to assassinate him, and the army of the state of Xia had only four hundred and seventy thousand left. If he led Liu Yinfeng into the mountains, we would have a much bigger chance of winning... "

'He have fought together for so many years, but why did he make such a stupid decision? Does he really think that he is the God of war that he can resist the more than 100000 army of Liu Yinfeng with only fifty thousand people?'

When Yun Shang was deep in thought, a soldier rushed in. "Your highness, there is news coming from ahead. The Xia's army spread a rumor that Prince Jing is one of them...and he is the prince of the State of Xia..."

Yun Shang was even more furious, "nonsense!" Then she raised her voice to the soldier, "I'll send a message to several generals. Tell them that the Xia's army's goal is to shake their minds. If Prince Jing were truly the prince of the state of Xia, how would they set fire to the mountains? They've even sent over a hundred thousand soldiers to assassinate Prince Jing. It's obvious that they want to put Prince Jing to death. Prince Jing is the God of war in the state of Ning, and he have won so many times for the state of Ning. How can they allow others to slander him? In order to stabilize our army, spread my words intactly to the soldiers. If anyone believes the rumor, he will be killed! "

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