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   Chapter 297 The Fight And Rumor Began (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-01-14 20:12

Yun Shang sprang to her feet and yelled, "the secret guards, go check now. How far is the reinforcements? Give out the order. The whole army, be ready to set off. "

A husky voice was heard outside. Qian Yin quickly helped Yun Shang to put on her clothes, and then said, "it's going to be a hard battle today. Your highness, take all the secret guards with you."

Yun Shang smiled and shook her head. "It's okay. I'll be fine. You go look for the reinforcements, I will contact you at any time and tell you where I am. If they come, you should quickly bring them to look for me. Since our army is on the north side of the river now, we have to resort to the same way as the army of the state of Xia did when they want to get across the river. Fortunately, we salvage many wooden columns used by the army of the state of Xia to build bridges yesterday, and we have made the wooden columns by ourselves, so the reinforcements are on the south side of the river, which should be faster than us. "

Qian Yin muttered reluctantly, "I'm not at your side every time."

"Of course it should be like this. I know that you are very good at martial arts, so you should go to find a reinforcements. If I get trapped in danger, you can easily save me out. But if you are those stout but weak soldiers, I will be worried, because my life is in your hands." Yun Shang said gently.

"You are right." Qian Yin chuckled.

Yun Shang walked out of the tent as soon as she got dressed. The army had already gathered outside. She mounted her horse and shouted, "let's go."

Indeed, the bridge had been built. Their station was far away from the army of the state of Xia's. The Xia's troops were eager to kill Luo Qingyan, so they didn't have to send any soldiers to hinder the Xia's camp. Everything went smoothly.

However, Yun Shang felt anxious before she could find out where the Xia's troops were. There were only a handful of soldiers. She couldn't do much by herself.

"your highness, look! It's a signal of our reinforcements." The deputy general next to her said suddenly in a joyful voice.

Yun Shang looked up and saw smoke rising from the mountain in the distance. The signal with the reinforcements was confirmed, which made her feel a little more relieved.

"Your highn

the horse again and headed for the middle.

In no time, he took more than a dozen people to Yun Shang. "This is our supervisor, you are here because you are from the Jingyang city. and we have some questions for you, you just need to give a good answer."

The men looked at each other and nodded. "Yes, sir!"

Then Yun Shang asked, "how about the mountain in fire? Is there water in the mountain? Is there anything special? "

After a long while, someone cautiously said, "Your highness, the mountain opposite is called Yunjin mountain. Since there is a river separated it from Jingyang city, we seldom go up the mountain. There are many wild animals on the mountain, and many of the city's food is obtained from this mountain by the hunters."

Hearing this, Yun Shang nodded and whispered, "since the prey is so good, it's easy for them to rob the prey and drink the blood. But there are so many people on the mountain, and the smoke is so thick now, I'm afraid they can't stand it."

Hearing Yun Shang's words, all the soldiers fell silent. Suddenly a soldier made a bow and said to Yun Shang, "your highness, I lived on hunting in the past. The Yunjin Mountain not very small, so you don't need to worry about it. There is a cave at the half way of the mountain. It's long, but the entrance of the cave was covered by thick trees. That is invisible in a blink of an eye. I fell into it once by accident. I walked for two days and nights before I walked out. The exit of the cave is in apricot village. "

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