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   Chapter 296 Yun Shang Is Here (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-01-14 00:32

Yun Shang raised her hand to tuck a wisp of hair behind her temples that was blown by the night wind, and finally felt a little relieved. The reinforcements behind her would come in a short time. By that time, they would make Xia Houyan and Liu Yinfeng regret their decision.

When she was thinking about it, she suddenly heard a loud shout, "stop!" His voice, though a little old, sounded very serious, as if he had used a bit of internal force to deliver it to everyone's ears. "Is Princess Hui Guo in the army? Lord Hua Guo from the state of Xia wants to see you! "

As the fire gradually lit up in the camp, Yun Shang was surprised. Then she remembered that Lord Hua Guo was really in the Jingyang camp, but why he wasn't in this camp along with Xia Houyan, who was in the other side of the river.

After pondering for a while, she thought, 'anyway, Lord Hua Guo is Prince Jing's grandfather. Since I'm his wife, I can't directly refuse him.' So she said loudly, "okay! Stop! "

The fighting gradually came to a halt. Yun Shang saw that the soldiers were gradually divided into two parts. A man in purple walked out of the camp, with gray hair and a tall figure. He must be Lord Hua Guo.

Yun Shang jumped off the horse and walked towards Lord Hua Guo. She stopped when she was only a few steps away from him, and raised her hands to show respect. "How have you been, Lord Hua Guo?"

Lord Hua Guo smiled, but there was bitterness in his smile. Yun Shang had no time to think about why he looked like that. She just glanced at Lord Hua Guo indifferently and said, "since you invite me, I'll go with you to your camp." Then she raised his hand to order the secret guards behind her to stop. Then she stepped forward and walked up to Lord Hua Guo.

Lord Hua Guo turned around and found the fire. He frowned, but said nothing. Then he led Yun Shang into the camp.

After entering the camp, Lord Hua Guo took his seat. "Please have a seat, Princess Hui Guo." Then he looked at Yun Shang's men's dress, "how is it proper to dress like a man when you are a girl?"

Yun Shang smiled and sat down on a chair. She poured herself a cup of tea and a cup on the chair beside, and said, "I'm married to Prince Jing. Lord Hua Guo can just call me 'your highness'." She still remembered that when she was in the Imperial City, she h

She nodded, turned around the screen, took off her clothes and sat in the bathtub. She let out a sigh of relief, feeling slightly relieved. She needed to have a rest. Tomorrow when the army of the state of Xia knew that the foods were all destroyed, they would probably attack the mountain. It would be very inconvenient for them if the food and plants were dragged off. Surely, Liu Yinfeng would get even with them. He understood this point, They had to get up early tomorrow, so they hoped that the reinforcements could arrive early.

Yun Shang fell asleep, leaning against the bathtub.

Qian Yin noticed that Yun Shang had been in the bathroom for a long time and hadn't come out. There was no sound behind the screen. So Qian Yin hurried to have a look. Yun Shang was leaning against the bathtub with her eyes closed and her head tilted to one side. Apparently she was asleep. Qian Yin was in a daze for a moment. She hurried forward, took Yun Shang out, dried her body, and put on a clean underwear before covering her with a quilt.

But she had only slept for more than two hour before a voice with a bit of eagerness came from the outside, "Your Highness, are you awake?"

Qian Yin quickly let the person in, and then walked around the screen to see. Seeing that Yun Shang had already opened her eyes, she asked in a hoarse voice, "what's wrong?"

"The enemy launched an attack. Today, the wind changed. As the wind blew to the north, they lit up. The fire was not on, but heavy smoke rose. As the wind blew, the smoke entered the woods!"

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