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   Chapter 293 The Confrontation (Part One)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 5951

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A wave of heat came over. People outside the city gate retreated continuously, but were shocked by the scene in front of them. Although they had found that the fire was red outside the city, they didn't expect it to be such a scene in the city.

The city was ablaze everywhere, and a strong smell of oil came.

Xia Houyan and Liu Yinfeng rode on the horses and came to the front. They frowned. Liu Yinfeng looked at the city and said flatly, "it seems that Luo Qingyan wants us to get nothing from here, but to block our way with this. Look at the tree oil, it's going to burn day and night."

Xia Houyan pressed his lips tightly and did not say anything, but his eyes were full of killing intent.

After a while, the spies who were sent to investigate came back in a hurry. "Your crown prince, please, the army of the state of Ning has retreated to the north of the Jing River and the bridge is destroyed."

Liu Yinfeng nodded. "It is the only bridge above the Jing river. Now it is destroyed. It will take us some time to cross it. I will take several thousand people to cut some trees for us. We need to make a wooden boat first."

Xia Houyan's eyes darkened. "Do you want to spend the time like a raft crossing?"

"That's the only choice we can have now. In order to prevent the drowning soldiers from being killed, we have to pick more wooden sticks. We'll send the guards who can swim to take a wide wooden bridge to pass." Liu Yinfeng said in a low voice, "Prince Jing has a good wife. She is quite resourceful. Last time we suffered a loss because of her. This time we lost a hundred thousand soldiers, but this time we helped Prince Jing again."

"report! Lord Hua Guo wants to see you. " Came a voice from far away. Xia Houyan let out a cold hum and said in a

steps, raised his head, bowed to Lord Hua Guo and said, "I've been in the army of your grace for a long time. At that time, you've taught me a lot. I'm deeply touched. You have always been discreet, your grace. But you are too anxious on this matter. If you have irritated the crown prince, why are you acting like this? He is young after all. If he can't even solve this problem, I'm afraid Prince Jing doesn't deserve your trust. You don't have to bother yourself... "

Lord Hua Guo closed his eyes and forced a bitter smile. "Well, since you put it that way, what should I do? I believe in his ability. I have thought too much. "

Liu Yinfeng paused for a while, and then walked out of the camp with a smile.

The crown prince ordered all the soldiers in the camp to go after the army of the state of Ning in person. Lin Yu dared not to refuse. With so many people in the camp, the bamboo grove could be made in a short time. In the afternoon, a lot of rafts had already been made. Liu Yinfeng ordered the people who knew the river well to make the bamboo grove connected with one by one and made a very wide bridge. The man set his foot on the bamboo grove to cross the river.

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