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   Chapter 292 The Jingyang City Is Taken (Part Two)

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Seeing that Prince Jing was quite confident, Zhang Qi felt a little relieved. Everything would be fine with the presence of Prince Jing.

Prince Jing turned around and called his shadow guard out. He said with a smile, "go and fetch my jade flute."

Zhang Qi did not know why, but said nothing. Watching the shadow guard leaving in a hurry, and soon after, Prince Jing took the jade flute here. He caressed the jade flute with a smile, "let's go to the east wall to receive the army of the state of Xia."

By the time they arrived, the city had almost been withdrawn by Prince Jing. Only a few secret guards with higher level of martial arts wore the armor of the city guards and stood on the city wall.

As he looked at the pitch black walls, Xia Houyan smiled and said, "military counsellor, we are finally in Jingyang city." But there was not a trace of joy in his eyes, and he frowned at the big words "Jingyang city". She said: "although we deceived Qi Lang with a deceptive trick, but Qi Lang should have heard that we were heading for Jingyang city. Prince Jing is a general in the battlefield. He fought many wars and is very capable. He should not be unaware of our whereabouts, but why, I didn't expect that they was ready to fight with the enemy in Jingyang city! "

Liu Yinfeng also looked at Jingyang City, and said calmly, "I'm afraid it's a trick of Prince Jing."

As soon as he finished speaking, he heard the sound of the jade flute, which was as ethereal as the shadow of a man, whimpering, sounding somewhat weird.

"What's this?" With his eyes wide open, Xia Houyan looked into the darkness, where only two lanterns hung on the gate of the city.

Liu Yinfeng meditated for a moment and then said, "I remember a story I saw on the military tactics. It's called the empty city trick. We just talked about the battle between the two armies. There was no army at all. The strategist had his soldiers retreat from the city, but he went to the tower with his Guqin and sang the song with him, which cheated the hostile guard. "

A lantern was lit and a figure was standing on the wall in the distance. A black figure raised his hand and placed it beside his face. It seemed that the person was blowing the jade flute. The faint sound of the jade flute must come from there.

"Empty City trick?" Xia Houyan bit his lips and snorted, "he is so bold to play the jade flute on the city wall in front of 400 thousand soldiers. I told you that Prince Jing must know we were here, but i didn't expect that he would make such a wonderful move. Since it is an empty city trick, I must go and have a look. Make a mystery of it and wait for me. I will destroy this Jingyang city and take Luo Qingyan's life. "

However, Liu Yinfeng shook his head and stopped him, "Your Highness, please don't do that."

Puzzled, Xia Houyan turned his head and asked, "councillor, you said there were no soldiers in the city. Then what are we afraid of?"

"Your Highness, this empty city trick is only one of the plans in the book. If Prince Jing only uses it to lure us into depth, what will it be? I wonder if there is anyone in this city. " Liu Yinfeng said with a deep frown.

Xia Houyan had never thought about it. He thought for a whi

words. He stared at the lit city and sensed something unusual. He immediately said, "let's gather our whole force and set off at once."

He wanted the death of Luo Qingyan, but also wanted to take advantage of the Jingyang city. Although it did not seem to have such an advantage, if he took it, he could take care of the KY Citylater and help it more. Although the Jingyang City was a small city, there were at least some materials in the city, which were enough to support these hundreds of thousands of soldiers for a period of time. If Luo Qingyan burned the city, then he had nothing to do with the city.

The flames in the city were getting brighter and brighter and there was a tendency to spread. Seeing this, Xia Houyan was anxious. He forgot everything else and turned around to say, "watchman follow me to attack the city."

Hearing a neat reply from behind, Xia Houyan mounted his horse and waited for the generals of the front to lead the way. After about half of the soldiers were left, Xia Houyan followed them to Jingyang city.

When the squadron was about to reach the bottom of the city, a rain of arrows came. The sound of soldiers being shot by arrows came through continuously. The team was a little messy at this moment. Xia Houyan suddenly shouted, "spread out! Speed up and go down the city gate. "

Then he turned around and saw that Liu Yinfeng came here with a group of people. Xia Houyan was a little relieved. Arrows kept raining, and people fell. But they were getting closer to the city wall.

After another walk, there was no sound of arrow. Xia Houyan looked up and saw no one on the city wall.

"Attack!" Xia Houyan howled. They climbed a ladder on the other side, ready to attack the weapons and equipment in the city. However, as they approached the city wall, they felt a heat wave coming, making them almost unable to approach.

"Prepare the city hammer." As Xia Houyan said, many people brought the hammer to attack the city. They lifted the hammer and smashed at the door.

Bang! The gate didn't move at all. Then they smashed the gate again. With a loud rumbling, the gate fell back slowly in front of them

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