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   Chapter 291 The Jingyang City Is Taken (Part One)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 7157

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The old man in the pavilion seemed to be stunned. He stood there stupefied, and his head were struck with shock. What did Luo Qingyan's hidden guard say just now? It was said that the crown prince and the military counsellor were taking large troops of 10000 soldiers, heading for the Jingyang city?

Shouldn't the crown prince and the military counsellor attack Kangyang city right now? That was what the letter said to him last night. Four hundred thousand soldiers were almost everything of the crown prince's army. Did they come to attack the Jingyang city without attacking the Kangyang city?

All kinds of questions flashed through Lord Hua Guo's mind. He had noticed the anger and disappointment in Luo Qingyan's eyes. He thought of those questions. Lord Hua Guo watched as Prince Jing's figure went further and further away. He did not regain his composure until Prince Jing arrived at the foot of the mountain. Oh no! His crown prince must have known the true identity of Luo Qingyan, and he knew that Luo Qingyan was in the Jingyang City, so he dared to take such a big risk. Thinking of this, Lord Hua Guo stepped out of the pavilion, and stumbled to lead his horse. He mounted the horse. Even though he was worried, he sat straight on the horse, drew a whip, and galloped down the mountain.

On the way back to his camp, the hidden guard had already told Prince Jing what had happened in the KY city. Prince Jing was calculating the time in his heart. According to the time when the secret guard had reported, he was afraid that Xia Houyan and Liu Yinfeng's army could arrive outside the Jingyang city within two hours.

"Her highness is rushing here with about one hundred thousand people. The soldiers guarding Kangyang city will be divided into several groups of backup while tens of thousands of people are guarding the camp." Before Prince Jing asked, the shadow guard added.

Prince Jing nodded. His heart was filled with bitterness. Xia Houyan and Liu Yinfeng would rather sacrifice the lives of one hundred thousand soldiers to use such a camouflage. There must be a huge change. Moreover, the Jingyang city was far w

in such a situation. After thinking for a while, he took the pen, ink, paper and inkstone and wrote a letter quickly. He called his shadow guard. "Send this letter to the Imperial City as soon as possible."

Although the imperial city was a little far from the border, Emperor Ning was unlikely to hear the news soon. But he didn't dare to make a bet, or the world would be in chaos.

The hidden guard sent the letter away, and Prince Jing walked out of the camp and entered the Jingyang city. There were cries and wars in the Jingyang city. Prince Jing stood at the gate and looked at the people running around, feeling a touch of sadness. He had been on the battlefield for so many years and was used to life and death. He had thought he was as tough as iron, but now seeing so many people leave their home and go away from their home, he was finally touched. Lost and homeless because of him alone, it was difficult to ignore.

"Your Highness, all soldiers in the army outside the city have entered the city, and are leading people to the other side of the river. The Jing river is really rising..." "Xia Houyan and Liu Yinfeng and their army will arrive at the outer area of the city in about two hours," answered Zhang Qi.

Prince Jing nodded, "ask them to leave. Hurry up." Then he looked up at the sky which was getting dark and smiled, "I'm going to show an empty city for the army of the state of Xia today."

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