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   Chapter 290 Family Reunion (Part Two)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 5315

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The man in the pavilion was indeed Lord Hua Guo. Hearing the horse's hooves behind him, Lord Hua Guo turned his head and said, "I've heard that the sun is extremely beautiful in the Sunset Hill. But it's a pity that there's no sun today."

Prince Jing kept silent for a moment before he got off the horse and walked into the pavilion. "Lord Hua Guo, why did you try every means to call me here?"

Lord Hua Guo turned to Prince Jing, and complicated emotions surged in his eyes. "I heard that someone investigated my miserable daughter in the state of Xia a few days ago. I guess it's you. Now you know who you really are, right?"

When Prince Jing heard Lord Hua Guo mention the sunset, he thought he had planned to take a long detour. But he didn't expect that Lord Hua Guo would give him such a direct answer. Surprised, Prince Jing smiled and said, "Lord Hua Guo, what are you talking about? Why don't I understand a word? "

Lord Hua Guo smiled bitterly and sighed. "Although I don't know how you know this, since you know it, you don't have to avoid it. When I was in the imperial city of the state of Ning, I wanted to write to his majesty to report this matter, but the letter was robbed halfway. You did it, right?"

Prince Jing laughed when he heard this, "so what? What if it wasn't me?"

"Qingyan..." Lord Hua Guo turned around and grabbed Prince Jing by the shoulder with an excited look. Prince Jing was taken aback by his expression and then came to himself. "Lord Hua Guo, what are you doing? Although I'm here today to see you, it's because you are Lord Hua Guo of t

felt sad. Yes, how many years would they still have? If he and his wife died, the others probably wouldn't love prince Jing with all their heart. At that time, his path would be very difficult.

"Lord Hua Guo, don't bother. I won't go back to the state of Xia."

After saying that, Prince Jing turned around and wanted to go down the mountain, but he saw a man coming down from the mountain. He looked like a shadow guard. Prince Jing stood far away and waited for the shadow guard to climb up. Then he asked, "What happened in the camp?"

The man answered: "Your Highness, I heard from the KY City that her highness was tricked by Liu Yinfeng's trick. Xia Houyan and Liu Yinfeng led four hundred thousand soldiers and came along Jing River to the Jingyang City."

Prince Jing's face darkened when he heard those words. He asked his guards to wait in the distance, and turned to look at Lord Hua Guo. "Ha ha. Lord Hua Guo, you see. This is your so-called brother!" Then he left the pavilion, mounted his horse, and galloped to the Jingyang city camp.

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