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   Chapter 288 Prince Jing Is In Danger (Part Three)

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Last night, Xia Houyan told his subordinates to disguise as he and Liu Yinfeng and left the camp with about one hundred thousand soldiers. The secret guards were attracted and followed them. However, after they went on with a journey, they suddenly found that the number of army was obviously not right, so they quickly returned to the camp to make a survey. They found that the real Xia Houyan and Liu Yinfeng had brought the remaining 400 thousand soldiers and headed for Jingyang city. Now there was no one in the original military camp of the state of Xia, and everything they needed was taken away. The dark guard came back to report as he realized that he was tricked.

Yun Shang felt cold all over. Her teeth were chattering. Liu Yinfeng, she had underestimated him.

Looking at Yun Shang, who was in an extremely embarrassing position and looked so calm, Qi Lang had a faint admiration for her. Although Yun Shang had guessed wrong about the whereabouts of Liu Yinfeng, he clearly knew that if he stood in front of him, he might not be able to capture even one hundred thousand men. Although it was a huge mistake, she was still calm. He had thought he was used to big storms, but she was too calm now.

Judging from Yun Shang's look, Qian Yin knew that something must have happened. Seeing that Yun Shang was unwilling to change her clothes, Qian Yin quickly took a dry towel to dry Yun Shang's hair gently. Then Yun Shang suddenly stood up and shouted, "change my clothes." Then she turned to Qi Lang, "general Qi, go change your clothes too. We have a fierce battle to attend. It's not good if we get sick."

Qi Lang replied and left with his men in a hurry.

Yun Shang closed her eyes and allowed Qian Yin to help her change. She went through what happened today in her mind. Her intuition told her that Xia Houyan's action must be closely related to Xia Houjing.

Jingyang city... Yun Shang kept thinking about Jingyang city, which was more complicated than the KY City. Even if the army of the state of Xia got the city, it was still difficult for them to march forward. Then, why did they abandon the KY City and take Jingyang city instea

at if Prince Jing became the emperor of the state of Xia, he would definitely not be enemies with the state of Ning. Instead, it would benefit the state of Ning.

At the same time, she also told this to lady Jin, so that she could persuade emperor Ning.

After handing the letter to the dark guard and sending it away, Yun Shang asked another guard to report it to Prince Jing as soon as possible and told him she would take soldiers to support the prince.

After everything was ready, Qi Lang had changed his clothes and entered the camp.

On seeing him, Yun Shang asked hurriedly, "general Qi, how many soldiers do you have right now?"

"Less than one hundred thousand." Qi Lang answered promptly.

Yun Shang was silent for a while, then she suddenly stood up and said: "I'm afraid I can't wait for them to come back. Now the Xia's army is all heading to Jingyang city, and the KY City is no longer in danger. I'll first go to the Jingyang City with this less than a hundred thousand soldiers, and I'll leave Qian Yin and half of the secret guards in the camp. If other generals come back, General Qi, please Mister Qi together with 50000 soldiers stay at the camp, and general Qi quickly brought other soldiers to assist me. "

After a short silence, Qi Lang said yes. Yun Shang couldn't wait any more. She went out of the camp and asked her soldiers to lead all the soldiers out of the camp and heading for Jingyang city.

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